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Love Me No More Trailer (2008)

30 April 2008

Antoine Méliot is around 40 years old and has everything he needs to be happy: a beautiful wife, two adorable children, friends he can count on, a pretty house in the Yvelines and money.

Monsieur Hire Trailer (1989)

24 May 1989

A French man spies on a lovely younger woman across the way. When he's spotted by the woman shortly after being questioned by the police about a local murder, the man simple life becomes more complicated.

Turf Trailer (2013)

13 February 2013

This is the story of four French friends: the Greek (an osteopath), Fifi (who lives with his mother), Fortuné (a West Indian) and Freddy (a gambler).

Stranger in the House Trailer (1992)

28 October 1992

Since the suicide of his wife, Jacques Loursat has gone downhill. Estranged from his daughter, his lawyer's pratice in ruins, he consoles himself with drink.

Trahie! Trailer (2010)

05 May 2010

Camping 3 Trailer (2016)

29 June 2016

Like every summer, our friends, the Pics, Jacky and Laurette, Gatineau, recently divorced from Sopie, and Patrick Chirac, ever true to form, get together at the Blue Waves camping grounds.

La maîtresse du président Trailer (2009)

07 November 2009

The Big Bad Wolf Trailer (2013)

10 July 2013

Once upon a time in 2012, three brothers lived happily. One day their mom fell into a coma. So Henri, Philippe, and Louis suddenly started wondering about the meaning of their lives and were swamped by a wave of existential doubts.

The Courage to Love Trailer (2005)

29 June 2005

A picture of humankind in Paris: singers, shows, social gatherings, businessmen, nightclub barmen, bums, shoppers.

La déesse aux cent bras Trailer (2014)

12 February 2014

Meurtres en Bourgogne Trailer (2015)

06 June 2015

Blackout Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

Insoupçonnable Trailer (2011)

02 December 2011

Trench of Hope Trailer (2003)

10 November 2003

While playing football, two children stumble across the grave of a French WWI infantryman who died in the trenches in 1918.

Épuration Trailer (2007)

15 October 2007

Si j'étais lui Trailer (2002)

05 June 2002

La Puce à l'oreille Trailer (1996)

12 October 1996