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Damián Alcázar was born on January 8, 1953 in Jiquilpan, Michoacan, Mexico. He is an actor, known for La ley de Herodes (1999), Las crónicas de Narnia: El príncipe Caspian (2008) and El infierno (2010).

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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Trailer (2008)

15 May 2008

One year after their incredible adventures in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Peter, Edmund, Lucy and Susan Pevensie return to Narnia to aid a young prince whose life has been threatened by the evil King Miraz.

El Infierno Trailer (2010)

03 September 2010

Benjamin Garcia, Benny is deported from the United States. Back home and against a bleak picture, Benny gets involved in the drug business, in which he has for the first time in his life, a spectacular rise surrounded by money, women, violence and fun.

Herod's Law Trailer (1999)

09 November 1999

Mexico, 1949. The fable of a janitor turned Mayor on a little town lost in the Mexican desert, who gradually realizes how far his new acquainted power and corruption can get him.

Borderland Trailer (2007)

09 November 2007

Three college students, Phil, Ed, and Henry take a road trip into Mexico for a week of drinking and carefree fun only to have Phil find himself a captive of a group of satanic Mexican drug smugglers who kill tourists and whom are looking for a group of new ones to prepare for a sacrifice.

Ave María Trailer (1999)

20 November 1999

In the colonial New Spain Ana is a missionary who decides to support the indigenous people.

Las Aparicio Trailer (2016)

26 February 2016

Three generations of women who share a strange family tradition: all widowed in extraordinary circumstances; all give birth only to girls.

The Crime of Padre Amaro Trailer (2002)

01 October 2002

The young Father Amaro is put to the test. He is sent to Mexico to help take care of aging Father Benito when he meets a 16-year-old girl that he begins and affair with.

Chronicles Trailer (2004)

16 May 2004

A suspense thriller about a reporter from Miami who travels to Ecuador in pursuit of a serial killer known as the "Monster of Babahoyo.

Mangoré, Por Amor al Arte Trailer (2015)

21 August 2015

The life and times of famed Paraguayan musician Agustín Pío Barrios, from the years of his youth to his international success.

The Thin Yellow Line Trailer (2015)

06 March 2015

Five men are hired to paint the yellow line the road between two villages in Mexico forgotten. Aboart

Magallanes Trailer (2015)

20 August 2015

Magallanes (Damián Alcázar) sees his humdrum life turn upside down the day Celina (Magaly Solier), a women he met in the violent years when he was a soldier with the Peruvian Army, jumps into his taxi in a Lima street.

Teo's Journey Trailer (2008)

10 October 2008

Separated from his father after illegally crossing the Mexico-U.S. border, young Teo and his new friend, Chuy, set off on a dangerous quest across the desert to find his dad in this touching tale of courage, adventure and friendship.

Sexo por compasión Trailer (2000)

30 June 2000

Dolores is a mature and kind woman whose husband abandons her because he can't stand her uncanny generosity.

A Wonderful World Trailer (2006)

17 March 2006

A fairy tale about the political and socioeconomic realities of Mexico.

La dictadura perfecta Trailer (2014)

16 October 2014

TV MX, the most powerful Mexican Television Corporation, discloses a scandalous story involving Governor Carmelo Vargas in serious crimes and illicit business.

The two Perez Trailer (2010)

23 July 2010

The story of two brothers. One lives in the city and one in the field, and they have different lives.

The Blue Room Trailer (2002)

04 May 2002

Forgotten Trailer (2014)

31 July 2014

José, a Bolivian retired general, is lying on his deathbed after a heart attack. Tormented by memories of his involvement in Operation Condor and invaded by deep remorse, he decides to tell his only son his biggest secrets in search of redemption.

Pachito Rex: I'm Leaving but Not for Good Trailer (2001)

09 November 2001

The attack on a popular singer known as Pachito -who becomes the favorite candidate to win the presidential election in an imaginary Latin American country- is the starting point of several stories, including: the alleged murderer, a police officer investigating the disappearance of the murdered body and an architect hired to design the mausoleum to the memory of the possible dictator.

Bala mordida Trailer (2009)

16 March 2009

Mauro Hernandez, a young preventive policeman, gets involved in a coke deal, and to keep some of the money he has for paying for the transaction, gives his gun away to cover the deal.

Of Love and Other Demons Trailer (2009)

26 March 2009

Based on Gabriel García Márquez's novel, this is the unsettling story of 13-year-old noble Sierva and the dog bite that changes her life forever.

Satanás - Profile of a Killer Trailer (2007)

04 March 2007

Based on the Mario Mendoza's book and inspired by true events, tells three interconnected stories happening in the eve of the infamous Pozzetto Massacre.

Lolo Trailer (1993)

16 April 1993

Lolo lives in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Mexico City. One day he is assaulted and injured out of the factory where he works.

Ana Trailer (2015)

19 August 2015

Ana, a nine year old girl, arrives with her mother to an isolated beach with the intention to rest and to know the sea.

Men with Guns Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

Dr. Fuentes is a medical professor approaching his retirement and journeys to find old students, with sometimes disturbing results.

El Dandy Trailer (2015)

26 October 2015

El Dandy is a television series, produced by Teleset for Sony Pictures Television and Televisa. It is based on the film Donnie Brasco directed by Mike Newell in 1997.

Fuera Del Cielo Trailer (2007)

12 January 2007

Malboro and Cucu, the starring characters, are two brothers who split after the older one, Malboro, went to prison five years.

Eddie Reynolds y Los Ángeles de Acero Trailer (2014)

19 October 2014

They are not wild and crazy anymore, or at least they think so. Now, thanks to an offer nobody can't refuse, they will try to recapture that old rock and roll magic and give themselves a second chance.

En el aire Trailer (1995)

08 December 1995

Don't Let Me Drown Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

In a post-September 11th world overflowing with fear and hate, two Latino teens discover that sometimes the only thing that can keep them from drowning is love.

Under California: The Limit of Time Trailer (1998)

08 September 1998

Damian is a married artist living in Los Angeles with his wife. After Damian accidentally hits a woman with his car and flees the scene, he seeks atonement and travels alone to Mexico, both to find peace and to reconnect with his family roots.

Las vueltas del citrillo Trailer (2006)

10 November 2006

1903, before the Revolution… The Citrillo’s Turns is a pulque bar in Mexico City, in which beings with no present or future gather to drink their lives away and tell stories of the dead and apparitions.

De la infancia Trailer (2010)

14 March 2010

It tells the story of Niebla, who died in a shootout with the police and whose ghost comes back to help change Francisco´s fate, a 10 years old boy.

Expiration Date Trailer (2012)

11 January 2012

Ramona's compulsive life becomes a wreck when she finds out, after a long search that Osvaldo, her only son, has died.

Katuwira, donde nacen y mueren los sueños Trailer (1996)

18 December 1996

Sofia meets a stranger man who hacks the computer system where she works before she has an accident. After the accident, she is the only one that remember seeing this man, so she decides to search for him.

Overkill Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

American Police officer Jack Hazard heads for South America after being ordered to take time off by his boss after a raid goes bad.

Chicogrande Trailer (2010)

28 May 2010

Butch Fenton, major of American army, comes for Villa's head and he's gonna get it. The "Punitive Expedition" proved to be the last major campaign of the U.

García Trailer (2010)

01 August 2010

García has managed to accomplish his wedding promise to his wife, Amalia: buy her a wretched farm outside the city, which is far from his wife's dream.

Marea de Arena Trailer (2009)

01 October 2009

Amber Trailer (1994)

28 August 1994

Old Max remembers the time as a child when he was taken to the jungle where he met a prophet, a circus man and other weird characters.

Sofía Trailer (2003)

27 June 2003

A volcano scientist (Issabela Camil) arrives in Mexico to study the Popocatepetl volcano. The journee

Crónica de un desayuno Trailer (2000)

01 November 2000

A view of the end-of-the-century Mexican family. A father who comes back home after a long absence, but who would rather be somewhere else.

Dos Crímenes Trailer (1995)

26 May 1995

Greed and playing into the hand of providence provides the focus of this Mexican comedy adapted from a novel by Jorge Ibarguengoitia.

The Naked City Trailer (1989)

03 November 1989

A gritty tale of survival set against a city ripe with violence and corruption. The Naked City tells the tale of Alfonso and Aurelia, who with their infant daughter flee the scene of a traffic accident they inadvertently caused, leaving several people seriously injured.

La mujer del puerto Trailer (1991)

11 September 1991

Perla, a prostitute and the star in a miserable cabaret in the docks, falls in love with a sailor without knowing that he is her brother.

Bandidos Trailer (1991)

09 August 1991

In the wake of the Mexican Revolution, a band of pre-teen boys are forced to rely on their own resources for survival.