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Us Funny Trailer (2017)

10 January 2017

Jim and Julia spend their day on a wonderful date in Los Angeles. They are very much in love. Interspersed, are scenes of Jim at Julia's funeral.

The Grief of Others Trailer (2015)

26 August 2015

The Ryries have suffered a loss: the death of a baby just fifty-seven hours after his birth. Without words to express their grief, the parents, John and Ricky, try to return to their previous lives.

Confusion Through Sand Trailer (2015)

20 January 2015

A nineteen year old finds himself alone in a hostile desert, scared as hell and trained to react.

euphonia Trailer (2013)

07 March 2013

Stale sounds of the suburbs send a teenager out with a sound recorder in search of better ones. Listening with this device he begins to build his own soundscape and drift away from his surroundings.