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The Magical Duvet Trailer (2011)

16 June 2011

The great musical comedy by F. A. Brabec V perine is the first Czech film made entirely in 3D. This stimulating comedy, in true and thorough 3D, presents a whole new computer-made world concealed in a quilt, where a large part of the film is taking place.

RYTMUS sídliskový sen Trailer (2015)

20 August 2015

Documentary about slovak hip-hop musician.

A Rosy Story Trailer (1990)

10 August 1990

After her mother had passed, Darinka lives with her grandma. In her fantasy she lives her own version of Sleeping Beauty.

The Beauty Exchange Trailer (2004)

18 November 2004

The documentary about women, their acceptance of their body and pressures from society and media.