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The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann Trailer (1974)

26 December 1974

A housewife is tracked by a private investigator hired by her wealthy husband.

Sex in Sweden Trailer (1977)

11 April 1977

Molly is in love with Peter. Peter is living a dangerous, violent and depraved upper class life. Peters brother Robin is in love with Molly.

Teenage Intimacies Trailer (1973)

09 August 1973

This Softsex-comedy points out what people are doing everything so when they feel unobserved in their closed doors.

Abduction of an American Playgirl Trailer (1975)

18 October 1975

Two horny guys with no money spot a pretty blonde walking down the street. They kidnap her and take her to a remote cabin owned by the sister of one of them, planning to have sex with her for a few days, then turn her loose.

Teenage Cheerleader Trailer (1974)

11 March 1974

Susie and her friends at college don't spend too much time with their studies, they prefer to make self-studies on the anatomy of the opposite sex.

Devil's Due Trailer (1973)

03 April 1973

A young girl fleeing an abusive home life arrives in New York City and becomes involved in a Satanic cult.

Voices of Desire Trailer (1972)

11 October 1972

A young woman recounts her claims that she was involved in a cult whose members were either murdered or committed suicide.

The Switch or How to Alter Your Ego Trailer (1974)

01 December 1974

A shy, withdrawn female scientist invents a formula that turns her into a horny, oversexed nymphomaniac.

Take Me in the Valley Trailer (1977)

26 September 1977

A shy farmhand, George (Eric Edwards), needs help learning about sex.

My Master My Love Trailer (1975)

13 August 1975

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The $50,000 Climax Show Trailer (1975)

01 May 1975

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