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The Black Bomber Trailer (1992)

15 June 1992

In a near-future Belgrade, a DJ stirs up trouble with his rocking anti-establishment broadcasts. After his station is shut down, he takes to the street and starts transmitting revolution with the police hot on his trail.

We Were the World Champions Trailer (2015)

26 February 2015

The story about the founders of the famous "Yugoslav Basketball School" and the first gold medal at the Championships in Ljubljana in 1970, is based on real events and is dedicated to personalities who have contributed to the emergence and development of basketball in their country.

The Beautiful Blue Danube Trailer (2008)

02 March 2008

Luxurious Danube river cruiser "Kriemhild", on a 2 day tour from Vienna to Belgrade. The ship "Kriemhild" is a floating sin city.

Laush Trailer (2014)

27 February 2014

"Laus" is a documentary-narrative film which looks at real events and personal phenomena of artist Zarko Lausevic.

Balkan Rules Trailer (1997)

09 April 1997

Movie about secret relations between Yugoslavian, Serbian and Croatian secret police during last 50 years.

O Gringo Trailer (2011)

05 May 2011

A Serbian documentary film about football career of Dejan Rambo Petković, who was a star of Brasilian League football.

Live Broadcast Trailer (1982)

16 July 1982

Two young men and a girl, going through all the dilemmas of their generation, live together and try to build different world, to find their place in society.

War Live Trailer (2000)

01 November 2000

Belgrade, 1999. Producer Sergei and his film crew are in a disastrous situation - the film they're making is under threat - there's no money, the crew are dissatisfied - and NATO bombing is just around the corner.

The Forgotten Trailer (1988)

16 May 1988

The story about two boys and a girl escape from a home for abandoned children for a wild weekend. TV series (11 episodes) with the same name and same story was released 1988.

Grey Home Trailer (1986)

02 February 1986

A rather grim depiction of life in home for juvenile delinquents. Stories follow young offenders and attempts of the educators to show them the right path, often facing defeats in changing their behavior, which mostly turns out to be a result of their parents' negligence and dysfunctional family relations.