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Shank Trailer (2009)

01 May 2009

Teenage gang member Cal, hides his sexuality from the his fellow happy slapping gang members despite their often violent dislike of anyone that isn't the same as them, be they unsuspecting shoppers, foreign students, gays etc.

Dark Vision Trailer (2015)

01 March 2015

TV host Spencer Knights puts his crew in peril by invoking an ancient evil whilst attempting to win the paranormal competition, 'Dark Vision' in the sprawling catacombs beneath a remote gothic tower.

Release Trailer (2010)

01 May 2010

A prison story. Father Jack finds love with a male guard in the prison. Some of the other inmates suspect he's been sentenced for paedophilia.

Ocean Odyssey Trailer (2006)

24 May 2006

The largest predator on the planet, the sperm whale, is your host for an amazing exploration of the final frontier -- the world at the bottom of the ocean.

Fucked Trailer (2011)

13 March 2011

A sixteen year old boy, having finished his exams, is allowed to celebrate by going to a gay nightclub, which will have life long ramifications.

Buffering Trailer (2011)

24 April 2011

Seb and Aaron have overspent and built up debts on their credit card. Aaron decides to take matters into his own hands and secretly films their sex life to broadcast online.