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Last Platoon Trailer (1988)

21 August 1988

After ex-cop and highly decorated war hero Chet Costa's Vietnamese girlfriend disappears, he accepts a risky mission: he shall blow up a bridge at the Vietnamese border to close the Vietcong's line of communication.

Last Flight To Hell Trailer (1990)

15 February 1990

Reb Brown stars as a highly trained DEA agent who goes to Southeast Asia on a high-risk mission to free a drug dealer (Mike Monty) from nasty terrorists so that he can face trial back in the U.

Quarantine Trailer (1990)

04 December 1990

In a futuristic society being decimated by plague, a fascist movement seizes power and quarantines not only the plague victims, but anyone related to them.

American Commandos Trailer (1985)

11 November 1985

Chris Mitchum plays Dean Mitchell (I know, quite a stretch), the one gas station attendant you don't wanna mess with.

Warriors of the Apocalypse Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

After a nuclear war with civilization's death as a result leads an adventurer, a group of hikers on their search for the Mountain of Life.

The Last Blood Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

A soldier attacks his corrupt superior officer and is court marshalled but before he can be sent to a firing squad he escapes.

Movie in Action Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

A movie crew is shooting in Thailand when some military guys kidnap the female star. The crew decide to fight back to get the movie star while shooting their movie.

Brotherly Love Trailer (1985)

28 May 1985

A businessman is stalked by his murderous twin brother, who has just been released from a mental hospital.