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Deborah 'Debbie' Shelton (born November 21, 1948) is an American beauty queen and actress who held the Miss USA title and appeared on Dallas for three seasons.

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Body Double Trailer (1984)

26 October 1984

After losing an acting role and his girlfriend, Jake Scully finally catches a break: he gets offered a gig house-sitting in the Hollywood Hills.

Hunk Trailer (1987)

06 March 1987

A "devilish" tale about an ordinary guy who is visited by a beautiful apparition promising him popularity and drop-dead good looks in exchange for his soul.

Nemesis Trailer (1992)

26 December 1992

In the future, chaos is rampant as 'information terrorists' threaten to destroy order in society. Alex is a part-man, part-machine LAPD cop who is the best at what he does.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Trailer (2006)

01 February 2006

Tony Todd (Clive Barker's Candyman, Final Destination 2) is Dr. Henry Jekyll in this blood-drenched, modern adaptation of the macabre classic.

Three Crazy Jerks II Trailer (1988)

30 June 1988

In 2043, Frank and Xaver have only one big problem with their jobs at a patent office, their boss Dr.

Silk Degrees Trailer (1994)

24 August 1994

After she witnesses a mob murder, a woman hides out in a cabin in the woods under the protection of a pair of hardboiled federal agents.

Circuitry Man II: Plughead Rewired Trailer (1994)

01 April 1994

In the backdrop of Earths polluted future a female FBI agent removes Danner, a pleasure android from an asylum in order to coerce him into helping her hunt down the criminal psychopath Plughead.

Perfect Victims Trailer (1988)

18 August 1988

A psycho who has contracted AIDS blames women for his disease, and begins to stalk and kill beautiful girls.

Sins of the Night Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Jack Nietsche is a hardened ex-con who now works for an P.I. firm, run by Ted Quincy. Quincy's ex-lover is Roxie, now wife to godfather Tony Falcone.

Desire Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

A psychopathic serial killer dumps a bottle of the expensive new perfume 'Desire' on each of his female victims.

Surprise, Surprise Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

Beginning as a critically-acclaimed play and based on a true story, Surprise Surprise is a moving and unpredictable portrait of a closeted TV star, his much younger disabled lover, and the troubled teenage son he never knew he had.

Quiet Kill Trailer (2004)

01 July 2004

An attractive married woman and a member of the 'Country Club Tennis Set', is being neglected by her workaholic doctor husband, Jerry (Corbin Bernsen).

Sacrifice Trailer (2000)

23 June 2000

Anomalo fortio Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

A pirate takes over a munitions ship, killing the captain, and when the crew mutinies and abandons ship, is left aboard with the captain's widow.

Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women Trailer (1979)

01 December 1979

No overview found.

Blood Tide Trailer (1982)

01 September 1982

An adventurer hunting for treasure in Greece accidentally frees a monster that forces local villagers

Der schwarze Fluch - Tödliche Leidenschaften Trailer (1995)

28 May 1995

A thriller directed by Otto W. Retzer.

Blind Vision Trailer (1992)

07 July 1992

A shy mail clerk becomes embroiled in the investigation of the murder of a man involved with the beautiful neighbor he is obsessed with.