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The Ashlad and the Hungry Troll Trailer (1967)

30 December 1967

Report Trailer (1967)

27 December 1967

Bruce Conner’s most celebrated film for a reason: it takes historical moments that were replayed over and over on television—chilling repetition of Kennedy assassination coverage—and repurposes them into a meditation on how the media tries to exert authority and apply a sense of order to the anarchic.

I barbieri di Sicilia Trailer (1967)

12 December 1967

Da lacht Tirol Trailer (1967)

01 December 1967

Mix between comedy and mountaineering documentary.

Professionals for a Massacre Trailer (1967)

07 December 1967

Major Lloyd, having stolen the cargo of gold needed to purchase weapons, is heading towards the Mexican border.

Hell of Borneo Trailer (1967)

10 December 1967

A wealthy mercenary lives in blissful solitude on his private island in the Philippines, until it's invaded by pirates, mobsters, and smugglers.

Beginning of an Unknown Era Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

Two young directors adapted the short stories of two Russian authors whose works had been banned for decades, and so their film ended up in the censor’s vault as well – for twenty years.

Kill a Dragon Trailer (1967)

06 December 1967

Chinese villagers hire a mercenary and his team of karate experts to help rid them of a gangster and his henchman who are threatening their island.

Spring on the Oder Trailer (1967)

01 December 1967

A war drama set in Germany at the end od WWII.

A Pit Trailer (1967)

19 December 1967

Pinku from 1967.

Half a Sixpence Trailer (1967)

21 December 1967

The joyous screen version of the Broadway and London musical hit. "If I had the money, I'd buy me a banjo!" says struggling sales clerk Arthur Kipps (Tommy Steele).

Netsilik Eskimos, I: At the Autumn River Camp Trailer (1967)

23 December 1967

These films reveal the live reality of traditional Eskimo life before the European acculturation. The Netsilik Eskimos of the Pelly Bay region in the Canadian Arctic had long lived apart from other people and had depended entirely on the land and their own ingenuity to sustain life through the rigors of the Arctic year.

La feldmarescialla Trailer (1967)

21 December 1967

Nel sole Trailer (1967)

21 December 1967

The Bandits Trailer (1967)

07 December 1967

Three Americans get involved into the Mexican fight against the French Intervention.

Baron Von Go-Go Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

Another adventure of James Hound, secret agent extrodinaire.

Die Flucht nach Holland Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

On My Way to the Crusades, I Met a Girl Who... Trailer (1967)

01 December 1967

A chastity belt provides an endless amount of grief for a woman whose jealous husband has gone off to the Crusades.

So war Herr Brummell Trailer (1967)

26 December 1967

The Musical Pig Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

The musical pig in quest for a friend. It eventually finds one, but at what cost...

The Assassin Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

Yu is a two-armed swordsman who is betrayed by a jealous rival, but initially seeks a life of simple pleasures until an accidental meeting with another patriot sets him back on the road to bloody, brutal vengeance.

Two A Penny Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

Set in London's Swiinging Sixties, Cliff Richard plays Jamie Hopkins, an art student whose desperate need for money leads him to dabble in the underworld of drug dealing.

Dante's Inferno Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

A movie about jealousy, and the complex and painful relationship between Rossetti and his sickly wife, Elizabeth.

LSD: Insight or Insanity? Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

Documentary about the potentially dangerous and unpredictable drug LSD. Various experts discuss how LSD is made and the hazards involved in using it while avid users explain why they enjoy taking it.

Amor en el aire Trailer (1967)

25 December 1967

An Argentine travels to Spain to begin his studies. During the flight, he causes so much troubles to a flight attendant that she is fired.

Narcotics: Pit of Despair Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

An educational film from 1967 designed to scare teenagers away from illegal drugs

Les souffrances d'un oeuf meurtri Trailer (1967)

01 December 1967

Four stanzas depicting suffering.

The Singing Lesson Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

Fifteen Scaffolds for the Killer Trailer (1967)

15 December 1967

Unjustly accused of the murder of three women, the members of two rival gangs are joined to survive to the hunting that the whole town is making.

Netsilik Eskimos, V: At the Winter Sea Ice Camp Trailer (1967)

23 December 1967

In late winter when the cold is severe, the people and dogs are glad to stop their trek and make camp.

15/67: TV Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

A short film by Kurt Kren

Eastern Corridor Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

This film is war parabola with expressive visual style. This not typical point of view about the war for Soviet cinema.

Rheinsberg Trailer (1967)

20 December 1967

For Love and Money Trailer (1967)

13 December 1967

A group of well-endowed women decide to use their "assets" to get ahead in the business world.

Direct Line Trailer (1967)

14 December 1967

A few days from the life of a young scientist responsible for the failed trail.

Vicious Cycles Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

A wild, freewheeling spoof on motorcycle gangs in which tough-looking cyclists, who roam the highways on invisible bikes leaving visible tire tracks, pick up a girl hitchhiker encounter another gang.

Netsilik Eskimos, VI: Building a Kayak Trailer (1967)

23 December 1967

Now it is July - summer. The run-off is in full spate and open water shows offshore. Ice cakes melt on the shingle.

40 Grados A La Sombra Trailer (1967)

27 December 1967

The Great Society Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

A parade of popular consumer items cut to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". A great example of Pop Art in film.

Perpétuo Contra o Esquadrão da Morte Trailer (1967)

16 December 1967

Peter Schlemihls wundersame Geschichte Trailer (1967)

25 December 1967

Jetzt schlägt's 13 Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

Długa noc Trailer (1967)

30 December 1967

Josef von Sternberg - From Silence Comes Another Trailer (1967)

09 December 1967

Speaking as scenes from Anatahan are shown, for which he directed, photographed, wrote, and provided voiceover narration, film director Josef von Sternberg takes the viewer on a fantastic filmmaking journey in this presentation of Cinéastes de notre temps: Josef von Sternberg - From Silence Comes Another.

Netsilik Eskimos, III: At the Spring Sea Ice Camp Trailer (1967)

23 December 1967

Two Eskimo families travel across the wide sea ice. Before night falls they build small igloos and we see the construction in detail.

Kusama's Self-Obliteration Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

A film exploration of the work and aesthetic concepts of Yayoi Kusama, painter, sculptor, and environmentalist, conceived in terms of an intense emotional experience with metaphysical overtones, an extension of my ultimate interest in a total fusion of the arts in a spirit of mutual collaboration.

¡Cómo está el servicio! Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

Vicenta Verruguillo came to Madrid to work as a bridesmaid in the house of a doctor and falls in love with his son.

Fuses Trailer (1967)

31 December 1967

A silent film of collaged and painted sequences of lovemaking between Schneemann and her then partner, composer James Tenney; observed by the cat, Kitch.

El camino de los espantos Trailer (1967)

28 December 1967

is a 1967 Mexican horror comedy film. It is directed by Gilberto Martínez Solares and is the last installment of the Viruta y Capulina film franchise.

Der Tag, an dem die Kinder verschwanden Trailer (1967)

17 December 1967

Millowitsch- Theater - Der kühne Schwimmer Trailer (1967)

30 December 1967

Wenn Ludwig ins Manöver zieht Trailer (1967)

19 December 1967

Casse-tête chinois pour le judoka Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

A Lei do Cão Trailer (1967)

25 December 1967

Bebeto is a playboy who commits a passional crime killing a friend because of his fiancee. Feeling cornered he kills other four people to survive and scapes to the countryside where meets Quinzinho, a professional hitman who protect him.

Catalina Caper Trailer (1967)

01 December 1967

A group of swingin' teens take time out from having fun in the sun to try to foil a group of crooks searching for a stolen scroll.

Das Mädchen auf dem Brett Trailer (1967)

30 December 1967

Chiller Dillers Trailer (1967)

01 December 1967

Chilly Willy and his friend the polar bear play rock music, which disturbs a ship's captain.

Kleiner Mann – was nun? Trailer (1967)

16 December 1967

Das Attentat - Schleicher: General der letzten Stunde Trailer (1967)

21 December 1967

The Brave Truant Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

On one very fine sunny day, a fourth-grader Thomas, as always, is out of the house in the morning to get to school by subway.