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The Dark Mile Trailer (2017)

26 June 2017

Two women, recovering from personal tragedy, take a boat trip through the Scottish Highlands. After a run in with the locals, their relaxing break soon descends into a hellish ordeal.

Tank 432 Trailer (2015)

24 October 2015

With nowhere else to hide, a group of mercenaries and their prisoners take cover inside a long abandoned Bulldog tank.

Holy Water Trailer (2009)

01 July 2009

The village of Kilcoulins Leap was once a thriving spa town, and was home to a famous Holy Well, but now offers little by way of employment for its people, and its decline seems inexorable.

Fallen Bird Trailer (2015)

25 September 2015

While serving a sentence for assault in Wheatfield Prison, young prisoner Eric Boylan began channeling his anger and frustration into one of his childhood passions: painting.

My Name Is Emily Trailer (2015)

07 July 2015

Packed off to a foster home after her father is insti­tu­tion­al­ized, a rebellious young Irish girl resolves to bust her dad out of the hospital where he's been confined.