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Nude Nuns with Big Guns Trailer (2010)

24 September 2010

Upon taking her vows to become a nun, Sister Sarah is abused, brainwashed and drugged into submission by the corrupt clergy.

Ride Along 2 Trailer (2016)

14 January 2016

As his wedding day approaches, Ben heads to Miami with his soon-to-be brother-in-law James to bring down a drug dealer who's supplying the dealers of Atlanta with product.

Satanic Trailer (2016)

01 July 2016

Four friends on their way to Coachella stop off in Los Angeles to tour true-crime occult sites, only to encounter a mysterious young runaway who puts them on a terrifying path to ultimate horror.

Dead Sea Trailer (2014)

15 April 2014

A Marine Biologist is assigned to investigate the mysterious deaths of marine life in an inland salt water lake that have been attributed to a creature thought to have been the stuff of legend.

American Girls Trailer (2013)

11 October 2013

The abduction and murder of numerous school girls in a quaint, all-American town. Inspired by true events.

The Green Fairy Trailer (2015)

01 January 2015

A story about the history and evolution of absinthe, from 1730 to 1915. The Green Fairy will take you on one hell of a trippy ride through time as it details not just the history of the notorious drink, but the modern day methods of imbibing and manufacturing as well.

Dwelling Trailer (2015)

23 September 2015

A young couple deliberately moves into a haunted house to contact the other side. Until their conduit, a painted black mirror proves to contain a malevolent presence hell-bent on bringing harm to their new family.

House of Manson Trailer (2014)

01 January 2014

An unflinching chronicle of Charles Manson, the ex-con who was able to amass a dedicated following of young people in the late 1960s.

The Black Dahlia Haunting Trailer (2012)

15 September 2012

While investigating the murder of her father by her blind younger brother, a young woman disturbs the vengeful spirit of Elizabeth Short, known in legend as "The Black Dahlia".

Truth or Dare Trailer (2013)

13 September 2013

Six college kids find internet stardom when they make "Truth or Dare" videos with a violent twist. It is all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play by his own rules.

The Family Trailer (2011)

10 March 2011

Area 51 Confidential Trailer (2011)

24 September 2011

People from various walks of life find themselves held captive in a desolate area surrounding a secre

Gone Dark Trailer (2013)

01 November 2013

Five years ago Jack faked his death. Now his little sister is hunting down his ex-partners who she thinks killed him.

Wonderland Trailer (2014)

14 October 2014

A new, experimental dream-melding drug called 'Wonderland' hits the streets, granting its users the ability to place their consciousness into the bodies of other people.

Where The Dead Go to Die Trailer (2012)

01 February 2012

A troubled group of children living on the same block are haunted by a talking dog named Labby who brings them on surreal hell-rides between different dimensions and time periods.

Song of the Shattered Trailer (2010)

31 October 2010

After killing her abusive husband, a young woman finds that it is harder to move on with her life than she immediately thought she would be, which yields horrific results for those closest to her.

15 Till Midnight Trailer (2010)

01 January 2010

Parallel worlds collide as a secret society policing this phenomena track a man whose wife has seemingly disappeared.

Bloodstruck Trailer (2010)

01 January 2010

A young man with a traumatic past goes psycho.

Pocahauntus Trailer (2006)

11 November 2006

The ancient spirit of Pocahontas returns to take grizzly revenge for the massacre of her people.

The Lonely Ones Trailer (2006)

22 August 2006

Anticipating a weekend of R & R in the mountainous region of Northern Arizona, nine college buddies lodge at a remote cabin -- where local lore warns them of the horrifying evil that slinks in the dark forest.