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The Samaritan Trailer (2012)

02 March 2012

After twenty years in prison, Foley is finished with the grifter's life. When he meets an elusive young woman named Iris, the possibility of a new start looks real.

Wet Bum Trailer (2014)

07 September 2014

An awkward teenage outcast finds unlikely companions in two aged residents of the retirement home in which she works.

Let the Daylight Into the Swamp Trailer (2012)

01 September 2012

Filmmaker Jeffrey St. Jules reconstructs the story of his grandparents and their rugged frontier life in the logging towns of Northern Ontario.

Murder on Her Mind Trailer (2008)

11 October 2008

Inspired by the true story in the book by Linda Spaulding. Twenty years ago, Sally Linden sat on a jury in the trial of Theresa Nichol, a young woman accused of murder.

Madonna: Innocence Lost Trailer (1994)

29 November 1994

Pop-singer and actress Madonna's rise to fame is chronicled in this made-for-television movie. Terumi Matthews stars as the dancer-turned-musician, who came to New York City in search of fame and fortune.

Oh, What a Night Trailer (1992)

09 October 1992

During the summer of 1955, seventeen-year-old Eric Hansen embarks on a journey in his new town, a journey which will change his life forever.

Lies My Father Told Me Trailer (1975)

26 September 1975

A Jewish boy grows up in 1920s Montreal with a grandfather who tells stories and a father who won't work.