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Bennie Brat Trailer (2011)

06 October 2011

Fisherman’s son Benjamin - Bennie - Stout is a boy with a heart of gold who always gets himself into trouble.

Scream Week Trailer (2016)

28 January 2016

Six friends go to party for a week during the "Sneekweek". But they are haunted by a secret from their past.

Tuscan Wedding Trailer (2014)

30 January 2014

Tuscan Wedding, the new romantic comedy from the creators of Loving Ibiza. Together with her father Tom and stepmother Marla, Sanne runs Casa Matrimonio, a luxurious villa in sunkissed Italy.

Matterhorn Trailer (2013)

24 January 2013

Fred lives on his own. His wife is dead, his son has left. He leans on the church, busses, meat-and-two-veg.

Naked Trailer (2006)

06 June 2006

A little boy goes to a sauna with his mother. The required nudity is a bit scary at first, but interesting after a while.

Kidnep Trailer (2015)

22 April 2015

Bo is the only child of rich parents and goes to a private school in Switzerland. When the holiday starts, he is kidnapped and his rich, safe and secluded world is turned upside down.

Gewoon Hans Trailer (2009)

30 December 2009

No overview found.

Iep! Trailer (2010)

20 April 2010

Iep! is about Viegeltje, who looks like a girl but has wings in stead of arms. Bird watcher Warre finds her under brushwood and takes her home.

De Vliegende Panters - Ebbinge, Vrijdag en De Bekker Trailer (2006)

01 March 2006

Story about who the Vliegende Panters really are.

Succes Trailer (2008)

11 September 2008

Succes is about businessman (Rene van ´t Hof), that's giving a -seamingly- important presentation. The presentation is a big success and the man goed out to celebrate.

The 18.10 Train Trailer (1999)

05 May 1999

Onno (30) applies for a dream job as curator in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum. He makes it through to the last round with the arrogant yuppie Alex.

De Vliegende Panters - Sex Trailer (1995)

30 April 1995

Inhoud We are the Flying Panthers Jongetjes I Jongetjes II Cabaret Rien Poortvliet ZZ-top Jongetjes III Dorientje Liedje Landbouw Kumbajee Jongetjes IV Slager Korrel Dikkie Dik Bee Gees Zappen Jongetjes V Kwek Duck Jongetjes VI Sarajewo We are the Flying Panthers (Funeral version) Acteurs We are the Flying Panthers Trammelant Annie M.

De Vliegende Panters - Hype Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998