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Alabok Sa Ulap Trailer (1987)

26 March 1987

Eva is a dancer in a nightclub where Dom frequently stays. One night, Dom brings with him his best friend Winston to show Eva.

Exchange Partners Trailer (1982)

28 May 1982

Chuck (Christopher de Leon) decides to make an honest woman of his long-time live-in partner Carissa (Dina Bonnevie) by marrying her.

Who's That Girl? Trailer (2011)

02 March 2011

Elizabeth Pedroza (Curtis) is a UST Architecture graduate infatuated with her long-time school crush, John Eduque (Luis Manzano).

Across The Crescent Moon Trailer (2017)

25 January 2017

The story revolves around a SAF exemplary Agent, Abbas Misani a Muslim who is married to Emma, whose parents with strict Christian upbringing would not accept both Abbas and Emma to their family.

Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso? Trailer (1985)

31 July 1985

When Aldrin returns from the States, everyone is as ecstatic as his grandfather. But his reason for going home is not because of his lolo but his sister who is in an asylum.

Bilibid Boys Trailer (1981)

16 January 1981

The movie portrays wayward men who suffer within the walls of the national penitentiary.

Markadong Hudas Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Daniel Braganza (Cesar Montano) is the leading assassin of a big crime syndicate, a killer totally bereft of a conscience, thereby earning the nickname of Markadong Hudas.

Hanggang Saan Hanggang Kailan Trailer (1993)

30 April 1993

On the death of their father, the heiress, Dina, sent her illegitimate sisters Ester and Jocelyn out of her vast hacienda and even deprived them from what is rightfully theirs.

Thorns in the Heart Trailer (1985)

06 November 1985

Lando is married to Lorna. He took on the huge responsibility of taking care of his widowed aunt Trixia and her two children, the youngest being a moron.

Magtanggol Trailer (2016)

08 June 2016

A political family tries to hold on to their integrity and reputation as they face a difficult crisis.

Just Be Mine Trailer (1987)

06 May 1987

To what lengths would a woman go to be able to possess the man she loved? This film directed by the world-acclaimed Lino Brocka provided an answer.

Home Sic Home Trailer (1995)

21 June 1995

Berto is secretly in love with his neighbor Melanie, who hates him because of her constant unpleasant encounters with him.

Batas Ng Lansangan Trailer (2002)

27 February 2002

Army Major RUBEN MEDRANO was once a part of an elite anti-kidnapping task force. An unfortunate incident during an operation got him suspended and sent back to Manila.

Age Doesn't Matter Trailer (1981)

27 February 1981

a film by Mike Relon Makiling.

A Change of Heart Trailer (2000)

08 November 2000

Three siblings Danny, Art and Grace are now well settled with their respective families, in widely contrasting lifestyles.

Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas Trailer (1986)

30 July 1986

Three women united by friendship. Three women connected by music. Three women divided by fame. They were three women struggling to make a living when fate smiled at them.

Katorse Trailer (1980)

23 July 1980

a film by Joey Gosiengfiao. .::.

When the Love Is Gone Trailer (2013)

27 November 2013

When the Love Is Gone is a 2013 Filipino romantic drama film directed by Andoy Ranay, starring Cristine Reyes, Gabby Concepcion, Alice Dixson, Andi Eigenmann, and Jake Cuenca.

Bahid Trailer (2002)

27 November 2002

As a ramp and commercial model and a swinging teenager in this movie of sex,wealth and power, Assunta de Rossi as Erika is a sexy appealing face on billboards and on the catwalk but,at home, with her sister Loida, she shares a dark secret with her surrogate father,Mr.

When Verdict's Written On Our Hearts Trailer (1993)

14 February 1993

The serial tells the tragic love story of Vina, a single woman who wants to have a baby despite her advanced age.

Summer Solstice Trailer (2001)

25 December 2001

A ritual performed by women to invoke the gods to grant the blessing of fertility by dancing around a Balete tree that was already a century old.

Flames Of Love Trailer (2012)

12 December 2012

A multi-plot story that tackles the pressing issues surrounding the modern-day family – drug addiction, infidelity, promiscuity and even abortion.

How Does One Escape the Future? Trailer (1988)

06 October 1988

Desiree and Gilbert are in love but no one seems to believe it. Desiree's friends thinks Gilbert is just using her.

Elena's Redemption Trailer (1996)

04 September 1996

The film is based on the true story of a maid who was either seduced or raped and made pregnant by her Chinese employer; the baby was either killed by the employer's wife or by her own hand, depending on who you talk to.

Dirty Affair Trailer (1990)

17 May 1990

A teenage boy befriends a starlet who is having an affair with an ambitious mayor. As the elections are coming up, the mayor's wife wants him to get rid of his mistress.

Chavit Trailer (2003)

26 November 2003

This movie is about the story of Luis "Chavit" Singson (born 1941), a Philippine politician, and the Governor of the Ilocos Sur province in the Philippines.

Escape Trailer (1995)

25 January 1995

Set during the terrifying reign of Filipino despot, Marcos, two upper caste but very different strangers team up to try and survive the physical and mental torture they undergo after they are suddenly jailed.

Ikaw Lamang Trailer (1999)

11 August 1999

On the outside, they are as opposite as north and south. Ella is a responsible young woman working very hard to fend for her family; Caloy is a happy-go-lucky guy who never had any problems with money.

Then and Now Trailer (2003)

14 August 2003

Joey comes home after nearly a decade of living in the States. With Joey back, the four friends find themselves complete again they reminisce on the good old times, marvel at the changes in each other’s lives.

Agaton & Mindy Trailer (2009)

27 May 2009

"Agaton & Mindy" tells the story of two young dancers from different background. Mindy (Louise De Los Reyes) is from rich family and suffers from depression.

Bridal Shower Trailer (2004)

01 January 2004

Three advertising executives are doomed to perpetually look for the right man. Tates, Katie and Sonia are all are stuck in a rut with love, sex and marriage.

Give Me Five! Trailer (1984)

08 June 1984

a film by Mike Relon Makiling.

Angel on Earth Trailer (2003)

21 May 2003

While saving his brother's life, Benjo dies, but he decides to forgo the afterlife and remain on Earth as his family's protector in this touching supernatural drama.

American Adobo Trailer (2001)

29 September 2001

The everyday struggles of people trying to bridge two cultures, as well as their attempt to find happiness in their new homeland.

I Will Survive Trailer (2004)

04 May 2004

Four disparate friends one a homosexual strive to be wonderful spouses and parents, yet despite good intentions, they all struggle with personal dramas.

Hindi Pa Tapos Ang Labada Darling Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

A rich woman and a middle-class man have a happy marriage and five children, but petty jealousies begin to creep in, prompting the wife to flee.

Beautiful Life Trailer (2004)

28 July 2004

A group of disparate women find comfort in one another when faced with heart-wrenching tragedy in this moving story.

The Graduates Trailer (1986)

03 April 1986

Life unfolds into the different young men and women coming off fresh out of college.

Huwag Mong Itanong Kung Bakit Trailer (1988)

04 January 1988

Aning is a maid in the Cuevas household. She is raped by an unknown assailant and comes home to the province pregnant.

Orapronobis Trailer (1989)

24 May 1989

The year before the Edsa revolt in a remote barrio, cult fanatics brutally kill a foreigner priest who administered the last rites to an alleged rebel summarily executed himself by the very group.

The Heavens Indivisible Trailer (1985)

07 March 1985

Mike De Leon's most commercially successful film, a surprisingly subtle adaptation of a popular komiks series about a wealthy man and his adopted sister.

Magdusa Ka! Trailer (1986)

22 October 1986

Dina was the daughter of Dindo and his former maid Nida. Aware of this fact the girl constantly dreamt that one day she would be recognized by her father and would enjoy all the comforts of his moneyed lifestyle.

Captain Barbell Trailer (1986)

25 December 1986

A crossover team-up between Captain Barbell and Darna.

Beg for Love Trailer (1986)

14 May 1986

On the outside it looks like a marriage made in heaven. But inside the thick walls of what they call home theirs is a relationship waiting to crumble.

Your Dream Is Mine Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

Leo is engaged to Anita out of convenience since her father and her parents are long time friends. It was never an issue until Leo meets Gigi during his stay in the family farm.

All That Equals Heaven Trailer (1989)

14 February 1989

A famous dress designer who adopted the illegitimate daughter of one of her models. The little girl became her only joy after she turned into a recluse when she lost her fiance.

Signed: Lino Brocka Trailer (1987)

01 October 1987

Documentary filmmaker Christian Blackwood profiles controversial Filipino director Lino Brocka, detailing his rags-to-riches rise in the mainstream film industry of the Philippines.

Temptation Island Trailer (1980)

04 July 1980

Dina (Dina Bonnevie), Suzanne (Jennifer Cortez), Bambi (Bambi Arambulo) and Azenith (Azenith Briones) join the famed Miss Manila Sunshine contest, which brought them together on a yacht cruise as part of the pageants semi-finals.

Your Wife, My Wife Trailer (1988)

10 February 1988

A film about changing partners and how the ensuing events affect the people involved. Cynthia Villanueva is an idealistic wife whose life revolves around making a happy home for her family where Rafael, her husband, plays the major role.

Under-age Trailer (1980)

17 October 1980

a film by Joey Gosiengfiao.

A Moment Too Long Trailer (1990)

13 November 1990

Ted dreams of becoming rich and powerful. So he certainly doesn't want to marry his equally poor girlfriend, Nina.

After All Trailer (1991)

15 May 1991

Maia Robles was a famous television commentator whose work was focused on social issues particularly corruption in the government.