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Love Stories Trailer (1997)

27 June 1997

Jerzy Stuhr scripted, directed and plays four roles in this Polish comedy about four men -- an army officer, a college instructor, a priest, and a drug dealer -- and their relationships with four females.

Miss mokrego podkoszulka Trailer (2003)

20 April 2003

Projekt dziecko, czyli ojciec potrzebny od zaraz Trailer (2010)

06 September 2010

33 Scenes from Life Trailer (2008)

07 November 2008

The Polish artist Julia and her husband Piotr, a talented and successful composer, live in Kraków. When Julias's mother, Barbara falls ill with stomach cancer, the life of the family is falling apart.

Keep Away from the Window Trailer (2000)

17 November 2000

The Witman Boys Trailer (1997)

21 March 1997

Turn-of-the-century Hungary. Two young brothers, neglected by their cold and uncaring mother, descend deeper and deeper into psychosis, with tragic consequences.