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Elève au Conservatoire de Genève, Dominique Reymond a ensuite pour professeur à Chaillot Antoine Vitez. Cette grande actrice de théâtre -qui travaille avec Sobel, Grüber ou encore Lassalle- fait sa première apparition à l'écran en 1984 dans Pinot simple flic, puis on l'aperçoit chez Dupeyron, Chabrol et Garrel (La Naissance de l'amour en 1993). Mais les spectateurs ne la découvrent véritablement qu'en 1996 : dans Y aura-t-il de la neige a Noël ?, conte de fées d'hiver en milieu rural signé Sandrine Veysset, elle campe avec délicatesse une mère-courage douce et bienveillante, prestation qui lui vaut un Prix d'interprétation au Festival du film de Paris. Avec sa voix grave et son allure élégante, Dominique Reymond s'impose bientôt comme une comédienne aussi discrète que précieuse. Si on lui confie souvent des rôles de mère (Sade, Presque rien), l'actrice n'hésite pas à prendre part à des oeuvres dérangeantes, comme Dans ma peau de Marina De Van, le quasi-expérimentalProcess ou encore Ma mère, adaptation de Bataille par Christophe Honoré. En l'engageant à deux reprises, Olivier Assayas lui permet de dévoiler l'étendue de son talent : soeur du Pasteur Berling dans le film d'époque Les Destinées sentimentales, elle se transforme en executive woman glaciale dans le thriller hi-tech Demonlover. Epouse de l'infidèle Jacques Perrin dans L'Enfer de Danis Tanovic (2005), elle retrouve ensuite Sandrine Veysset (Il sera une fois), près de dix ans après Y aura-t-il de la neige a Noël ?.

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Diary of a Chambermaid Trailer (2015)

07 February 2015

France, around 1900. Coming from the vibrancy of Paris, pert Célestine is procured as a chambermaid in Normandy.

Farewell, My Queen Trailer (2012)

21 March 2012

A look at the relationship between Marie Antoinette and one of her readers during the final days of the French Revolution.

Summer Hours Trailer (2008)

05 March 2008

Two brothers and a sister witness the disappearance of their childhood memories when they must relinquish the family belongings to ensure their deceased mother's succession.

The Devils Trailer (2002)

11 September 2002

Les Diables (The Devils) chronicles the struggle of an autistic girl and her brother trying to survive without their parents.

Ma mère Trailer (2004)

19 May 2004

Based on George Bataille's posthumous and controversial novel: When his father dies, a young man is introduced by his attractive, amoral mother to a world of hedonism and depravity.

Goodbye Gary Trailer (2009)

22 July 2009

Au milieu de nulle part, une cité ouvrière vidée de sa population depuis quelques années déjà. Pourtant, certains habitants ont décidé d'y rester, plus par choix que par nécessité, parce que c'est là qu'ils sont nés et qu'ils ont grandi.

Come Undone Trailer (2000)

07 June 2000

Story of two gorgeous, young French boys who begin a passionate relationship that boils over and threatens to destroy both their lives.

In My Skin Trailer (2002)

04 December 2002

Esther, a self-conscious young woman who works for a public relations firm. One night at a party with her friend Sandrine, Esther wanders into the backyard and stumbles, scratching her leg on a piece of scrap metal.

Bodybuilder Trailer (2014)

01 October 2014

Twenty year old Antoine has made enemies of a gang of young thugs, to whom he owes money. Fed up with his scams and petty crimes, his mother and older brother decide to send Antoine to his father's place in Saint-Etienne.

Demonlover Trailer (2002)

19 May 2002

A corporate mole (Connie Nielsen) attempts to derail a deal between a French tycoon and an American Web site called Demonlover (represented by Gina Gershon), which specializes in sex and violence.

L'histoire d'une mère Trailer (2017)

15 February 2017

The New Protocol Trailer (2008)

19 March 2008

A man investigating his son's death learns some horrific truths about the pharmaceutical industry.

Artemisia Trailer (1997)

10 September 1997

Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1653) was one of the first well-known female painters. The movie tells the story of her youth, when she was guided and protected by her father, the painter Orazio Gentileschi.

The Birth of Love Trailer (1993)

22 September 1993

Writer and Director Phillipe Garrel presents the story of two friends, Paul (played by Lou Castel) and Marcus (played by Jean-Pierre Léaud), both in search of trying to understand what love is and what love really means.

Tomorrow We Move Trailer (2004)

03 March 2004

When her mother moves in, the life of a writer gets crowded.

The Joy of Singing Trailer (2008)

26 November 2008

Agents des services secrets, Muriel et Philippe forment un improbable duo amoureux. Dans leur nouvelle mission, ils sont chargés de mettre la main sur une clé usb cachée par Constance, la veuve d'un trafiquant d'uranium fraîchement assassiné.

Maestro Trailer (2014)

23 July 2014

Henry, a young actor, finds himself involved in a film by cinema superstar, Cédric Rovere. Charmed by his benevolence, feelings hitherto unknown are aroused, while Rovere, intrigued by Henry's dream, lives this shoot as an unexpected gift.

Un pique-nique chez Osiris Trailer (2001)

21 May 2001

Zone Red Trailer (1986)

09 April 1986

Fool Circle Trailer (2014)

04 June 2014

Two, very different, brothers are reunited for their father's funeral. But, when they arrive at the crematorium nobody is there, not even the corpse, except for Chloe who introduces herself as their sister.

Beyond Suspicion Trailer (2010)

04 August 2010

Henri est convaincu que Lise, sa nouvelle et jeune femme, l’aime sincèrement. Henri est aussi convaincu que Sam, le témoin de leur mariage, est le frère de Lise.

Le jour de la grenouille Trailer (2012)

12 September 2012

A dedicated archaeologist, Anna Brahé, is stubbornly engaged in exploring an underground site, convinced that she will soon come across some important burial artefacts.

Marie Curie, une femme sur le front Trailer (2014)

03 February 2014

Pour Djamila Trailer (2012)

22 March 2012

Ne fais pas ça Trailer (2004)

24 March 2004

En marge des jours Trailer (2007)

06 June 2007

Le pendu Trailer (2007)

13 September 2007

Demented Trailer (2006)

07 October 2006

Young Martin watches the quirky, extraordinary events that occur in and around the family home and barn from a distance.

La Maladie de Sachs Trailer (1999)

22 September 1999

Confronte a la souffrance, a l'angoisse, a la violence des rapports humains, a tout ce qui rend malade, le docteur Sachs, révolte contre l'arrogance du savoir médical et le sentiment de son insuffisance, tombe malade de lui-même.

L'affaire Marcorelle Trailer (2000)

13 September 2000

François Marcorelle, an investigation magistrate in Chambéry, finds himself in the room of a youngt

Les Destinées sentimentales Trailer (2000)

12 July 2000

In late nineteenth century Charante, Protestant minister Jean Barnery causes local disquiet when he arranges a separation from his obsessive wife.

Avec tout mon amour Trailer (2001)

28 November 2001

The Bridge Trailer (1999)

06 April 1999

Actor Gerard Depardieu co-directed this drama about a married woman who falls in love with another man.

Will It Snow for Christmas? Trailer (1996)

25 December 1996

A woman and her seven children live on a farm in Southern France. In spite of the hard work and the mediocre accommodation, their life would be a happy one, but for one person: the owner of the farm, an egotistic and authoritarian individual who is also the lover of the woman and the father of all her children.

Pinot Simple Flic Trailer (1984)

06 June 1984

En voulant aider Marylou à sortir de la délinquance, Pinot, simple flic, va se retrouver confronté à Tony, son compagnon, un dealer.