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Pete's Dragon Trailer (1977)

03 November 1977

Pete, a young orphan, runs away to a Maine fishing town with his best friend a lovable, sometimes invisible dragon named Elliott! When they are taken in by a kind lighthouse keeper, Nora, and her father, Elliott's prank playing lands them in big trouble.

Danger Within Trailer (1959)

17 February 1959

Drama set in an Italian prisoner of war camp during World War 2, where a group of British soldiers find their plans for escape thwarted by a mysterious traitor in their midst.

Jason and the Argonauts Trailer (1963)

19 June 1963

Jason, a fearless sailor and explorer, returns to his home land of Thessaly after a long voyage to claim his rightful throne.

One Million Years B.C. Trailer (1966)

30 December 1966

As the Earth wrestles with its agonising birth, the peoples of this barren and desolate world struggle to survive.

Ride a Wild Pony Trailer (1975)

02 November 1975

Scott, a poor farm boy, is given a wild pony from a wealthy ranch owner's herd to ride to and from school.

Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog Trailer (1961)

17 July 1961

In Scotland 1865, An old shepherd and his little Skye terrier go to Edinburgh. But when the shepherd dies of pneumonia, the dog remains faithful to his master, refuses to be adopted by anyone, and takes to sleeping on his master's grave in the Greyfriars kirkyard, despite a caretaker with a "no dogs" rule.

The Fourth Wish Trailer (1976)

16 July 1976

The poignant struggle of a man to grant his terminally ill son three wishes - and the obstacles cast in his way of achieving this goal.

International Airport Trailer (1985)

25 May 1985

Manager of a large metropolitan airport tries to deal with the stress of his job, and the various characters that work for him.

With These Hands Trailer (1972)

30 March 1972

A beautiful massage parlor/sex clinic owner financially & emotionally mistreats her customers.

A Matter of WHO Trailer (1961)

03 October 1961

Health officials (Terry Thomas, Alex Nicol) link a smallpox outbreak in Europe to oil drilling in the Middle East.

The Three Lives of Thomasina Trailer (1963)

11 December 1963

Thomasina is the pet cat of Mary McDhui, the daughter of Scottish veterinarian Andrew McDhui. When Thomasina falls ill, McDhui declares that the pet should be put down.

The Girl in the Picture Trailer (1957)

01 January 1957

A crime reporter investigating a murder discovers the case hinges on a mysterious woman he had photographed earlier.

A Jolly Bad Fellow Trailer (1963)

01 November 1963

An English professor decides that there are too many useless people in the world and invents a gas that will kill them off.

The Man Upstairs Trailer (1958)

30 September 1958

The mental breakdown of a guilt-ridden man provides the drama in this fascinating psychological profile starring Richard Attenborough as a scientist who can't live with himself after he accidently kills the brother of his fiancee.

A Twist of Sand Trailer (1968)

01 November 1968

A former British Naval Officer now makes his living by smuggling goods around the Mediterranean. After being forced to dump his cargo after nearly being caught by the authorities in Malta, he is eager to recoup his losses.

Time Is My Enemy Trailer (1954)

01 September 1954

In this crime drama, a murderer covers his tracks by framing his wife.

The Viking Queen Trailer (1967)

25 March 1967

Set in ancient Britain, at a time when much of Europe was ruled with harsh tyranny by Rome, a tribe of Britons led by Selina, set out to defy the invaders and discard their yoke of bondage.

The Flesh is Weak Trailer (1957)

06 August 1957

Giani is a pimp who preys on the naïve, ‘just off the bus’ young women who come to post-war London for fortune.

C.H.O.M.P.S. Trailer (1979)

21 December 1979

A young man invents a robot dog that has super strength, x-ray vision and can detect crimes being committed.

The Prince and the Pauper Trailer (1962)

11 March 1962

In the London of 1537, two boys resembling each other exactly meet accidentally and exchange "roles" for a short while.

The Gift of Love Trailer (1978)

08 December 1978

Inspired by O. Henry's short story about a young bride and groom, each of whom foolishly--but quite lovingly--sacrifices a treasured possession to buy the perfect Christmas gift for their mate.

Bouncer Breaks Up Trailer (1953)

01 January 1953

Story of a young girl and boy and a picture-dog that comes to life.

A Good Pull-Up Trailer (1953)

01 January 1953

Story of a handyman who gets into trouble at a workman's cafe.

Dentist in the Chair Trailer (1960)

08 August 1960

The misfortunes that befall three dental students when they become unwitting accessories to a burglary.

Nearly a Nasty Accident Trailer (1961)

01 May 1961

The RAF Group Captain has a hard job to restrain the aircraft-man from tinkering with everything he n

Charley-One-Eye Trailer (1973)

18 April 1973

A black, Union Army deserter and his crippled American Indian hostage form a strained partnership in the interests of surviving the advancing threats of a racist bounty hunter and neighboring bandits.

The Crooked Road Trailer (1965)

03 February 1965

An investigative reporter (Robert Ryan) travels to a small European country with the hope of exposing its dictator's family secrets.

The Horse Without a Head Trailer (1962)

31 December 1962

When a kindly junk dealer gives a group of poor French children a headless toy horse, the kids dub themselves "The Knights Of The Headless Horse.

Watch Out Trailer (1953)

01 January 1953

Escapades of Dickie Duffle, handyman, as he tours a film studio.

Skid Kids Trailer (1953)

01 January 1953

Story about a group of young cyclist track riders and their effort to retain their track against long odds.

King of the Underworld Trailer (1952)

05 July 1952

A sinister crook is implicated in blackmail, greed for emeralds, a secret formula and murder. Thee episodes from a 1952 British television series called "Inspector Morley, Late of Scotland Yard, Investigates" were joined together and released theatrically.

The Magic of Lassie Trailer (1978)

02 August 1978

Lassie is claimed from his family by a "former owner" and then braves a cross country trip to rejoin the ones that love her.

Creatures the World Forgot Trailer (1971)

01 September 1971

As the first nomadic tribes wander across the vast wilderness of the infant planet they confront hostilities created by the harsh environment and each other.

Born to Run Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

Journey to the land down under for a warm, thrilling story of a once proud racehorse stableowner, his adventurous grandson, and their dream to revive the golden days of horseracing glory.

Lassie: A New Beginning Trailer (1978)

01 September 1978

Super dog Lassie returns.

Persecution Trailer (1975)

01 October 1975

A cat lover (Lana Turner) kills her husband, blackmails her lover (Trevor Howard) and torments her son (Ralph Bates).

The Mysterious Poacher Trailer (1972)

01 January 1972

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