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Don "The Dragon" Wilson (born September 10, 1954) is an American champion kickboxer and actor. He is most famous for his acting roles in action/adventure films, including eight titles in Roger Corman's Bloodfist series.

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The Scorpion King: Quest for Power Trailer (2015)

09 January 2015

When he is betrayed by a trusted friend, Mathayus must marshal all his strength and cunning to outwit a formidable opponent who will stop at nothing to unlock a supreme ancient power.

Batman Forever Trailer (1995)

31 May 1995

The Dark Knight of Gotham City confronts a dastardly duo: Two-Face and the Riddler. Formerly District Attorney Harvey Dent, Two-Face believes Batman caused the courtroom accident which left him disfigured on one side.

Showdown In Manila Trailer (2016)

18 February 2016

The film will unfold in Manila, Philippines, and in the jungles of the island of Boracay. On a tropical island in the privacy of living Russian middle-aged man (Alexander Newsky).

CyberTracker Trailer (1994)

22 August 1994

Eric is a secret agent currently working as security guard for senator Dilly. The senator is the main advocate for a new kind of police officer: the Tracker, an perfect and nearly invulnerable android.

Say Anything... Trailer (1989)

14 April 1989

A budding romance between noble underachiever Lloyd Dobler and high school valedictorian Diane Court is threatened when Diane's overly possessive, disapproving father interferes with their relationship.

Sci Fighter Trailer (2004)

01 January 2004

A well-meaning genius creates a virtual reality game that leaves his grandson trapped within when a virus invades.

Night Hunter Trailer (1996)

01 April 1996

Jack Cutter is the last in long line of vampire hunters. After killing few vampires in one L.A. restaurant, he is chased both by police and by other vampires.

Cyber-Tracker 2 Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

A Secret Service agent (Wilson) battles an arms dealer who is creating a cyborg army.

Stealing Harvard Trailer (2002)

13 September 2002

John and his girlfriend have vowed to marry once they save $30,000 for their dream house. But the minute they achieve their financial goal, John finds out his niece has been accepted at Harvard, and he's reminded of his promise to pay for her tuition (nearly $30,000).

Soft Target Trailer (2006)

01 January 2006

Two police detectives must protect a beautiful call girl from mob hitmen and a crooked cop.

Magic Kid Trailer (1993)

27 October 1993

Karate action and laughs never cease when a brother and sister go to California to visit their uncle.

Bloodfist IV: Die Trying Trailer (1992)

18 November 1992

When Danny unknowingly repossesses the car of a powerful arms merchant, it sets off a chain of violent retaliation.

Ring of Fire Trailer (1991)

18 December 1991

The main character, Johnny Woo, is a Chinese doctor who has given up fighting in the ring. His brother is a teacher in a kick-boxing club.

The Last Sentinel Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

No emotion. No fear. No pain. They were the perfect soldiers to protect civilization until the drone police became the perfect enemy.

Out for Blood Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

A lawyer's family is murdered by drug smugglers, and he is beaten and left for dead, but survives although in a coma.

Top Fighter Trailer (1995)

15 June 1995

Welcome to the world of the martial arts. A voyage for the times of the martial arts cinema, from the beginning in China in the 6th Century A.

Passage to Hell Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

Filipino Vietnam War movie

Bloodfist II Trailer (1990)

12 October 1990

Jake Ray gives up his title after killing a man in the ring. When Jake goes to Manila to help an old friend, trouble awaits him! After fending off multiple attacks, Jake is finally captured and chained to a half a dozen martial arts champions.

Red Sun Rising Trailer (1994)

01 September 1994

Thomas Hoshino (Willson) is a tough Japanese detective, who lost his partner by a deadly Yakuza killer Jaho (Lew).

Ring of Fire II: Blood and Steel Trailer (1993)

17 March 1993

Johnny Woo and Julie play an enduring couple who survive all sorts of interference from rival kick-box gangs in their effort to put a little romance in their lives.

Virtual Combat Trailer (1995)

11 July 1995

This lively low-budget action movie is packed with martial arts, sexy sirens, and a sci-fi plot involving computers and virtual reality images that become real.

Future Kick Trailer (1991)

19 November 1991

On Earth in the future Don "The Dragon" Wilson takes on a sinister corporation that trades in black market human body parts.

The Martial Arts Kid Trailer (2014)

01 January 2014

When a troubled teen from Cleveland experiences bullying in Cocoa Beach, he soon learns Martial Arts to gain confidence and self-defense skills.

The Whole World at Our Feet Trailer (2013)

01 January 2013

The Prophet Trailer (1999)

01 January 1999

Martial arts star Don "The Dragon" Wilson stars in this action/suspense story. A child is recruited to take part in a secret government experiment which results in him being able to see into the future.

Redemption Trailer (2002)

28 May 2002

A disgraced cop goes to work for the mob, and must choose between good and evil when he goes up against his former friends on the force.

Papertrail Trailer (1998)

28 September 1998

A burnt out detective follows the trail of a serial killer who sends him messages about the murders.

Operation Cobra Trailer (1997)

05 December 1997

When Interpol officer Kyle Connors, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, watches his partner die in an explosion, he swears he'll hunt down the killer.

Zombie 4: After Death Trailer (1989)

21 June 1989

A woman goes back to the island where her parents were killed. They had been working on a cure for cancer and accidentally raised the dead by angering a voodoo priest.

Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight Trailer (1992)

05 January 1992

Don Wilson returns to the screen as a man unjustly accused of a brutal crime. Within the prison he must fight for survival, freedom and justice.

Moving Target Trailer (2000)

30 May 2000

Don "The Dragon" Wilson stars in this action drama as a tourist who, through no fault of his own, finds himself on the run from a gang of terrorists, international espionage agents, and the police.

Bloodfist VII: Manhunt Trailer (1995)

03 October 1995

Don "the Dragon" Wilson is a man pursued. Branded a cop-killer, he must fight simply to stay alive, and to clear his name.

Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero Trailer (1995)

31 January 1995

Terrorists take over a nuclear weapons launch site, but don't count on a humble military courier, wht

Blackbelt Trailer (1992)

28 May 1992

Don "The Dragon" Wilson is back and forced to take on the greatest legends of the martial arts world.

Terminal Rush Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

A group of terrorists, led by a Brit and a psycho (in a great performance by "Rowdy" Roddy Piper) take control of the Hoover Dam and demand $25 million or they will kill civilians and dam workers they have taken hostage.

Bloodfist V: Human Target Trailer (1994)

19 January 1994

Don "The Dragon" Wilson struggles to regain his memory, not knowing who to trust, or even which side he's fighting on.

Bloodfist VIII: Trained to Kill Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

A former CIA agent lives a suburban life as a high school teacher with his teen son. When the agent is attacked by former allies because of knowledge he possesses and his son is kidnapped, he is forced back into the business and his son suddenly sees a side of his father that he never knew existed.

Ring of Fire III: Lion Strike Trailer (1995)

08 February 1995

Dr. Johnny Wu becomes involved in a global Mafia arms cartel when they kidnap his son Bobby. The cartel, made-up of underworld leaders from around the world, become aware that he stumbled onto valuable information on a computer disk he possesses.

Whatever it Takes Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998

Two Los Angeles cops go undercover to investigate the distribution of steroids to wrestlers and body builders.

New York Chinatown Trailer (1982)

06 August 1982

The streets of Chinatown run red with blood as Triads fight for control of the streets. Helping them is World Karate Champion, Don Wilson, in his first film role.

Bloodfist Trailer (1989)

22 September 1989

To avenge the brutal murder of his brother, Jake Ray journeys to the Philippines, where his search for truth finds him battling both in and out of the ring.