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Scream Dream Trailer (1989)

01 January 1989

One of the girls in a rock band is fired from the band. She is, in reality, a witch, and possesses the body of the girl who replaces her in order to take revenge on the rest of the band.

Evil Spawn Trailer (1987)

01 September 1987

Microbes are brought back to earth via a space probe from Venus. A scientist is using them in experiments on aging, but dies before the work is finished.

Savage Vengeance Trailer (1993)

27 October 1993

A woman is brutally raped by four men, and she plans to seek vengeance. After five years, she hasn't gotten over it yet, and she and her friend are again raped by four men.

I Spill Your Guts Trailer (2012)

01 April 2012

Two friends Dennis and Joe join the military together. While on a routine mission, the two are quickly surrounded by enemy fire.

Chainsaw Cheerleaders Trailer (2008)

15 April 2008

When the cheering stops, the SCREAMING starts! A demonic 500 year old witch is on the loose, looking for fresh souls to possess.

Shark Exorcist Trailer (2016)

24 June 2016

A demonic nun unleashes HOLY HELL when she summons the devil to possess a MAN-EATING SHARK!!

Hi-8 (Horror Independent 8) Trailer (2014)

16 December 2014

Horror - Segments from eight of the leading indie horror filmmakers including Tim Ritter, Brad Sykes, Donald Farmer, Todd Sheets, Chris Seaver, Ron Bonk, and Marcus Koch.

Deadly Memories Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

Two years after a women is killed in a fatal car crash, the trio of teenagers responsible for her death are suddenly being murdered - one by one.

Compelling Evidence Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

No overview found.

Demon Queen Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

A female vampire goes on a rampage seeking blood.

An Erotic Vampire in Paris Trailer (2002)

28 May 2002

When young Caroline learns of her mother's death in Paris, she travels to the City of Lights for the funeral.

Vicious Kiss Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

No overview found.

Red Lips: Eat the Living Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

No overview found.

Dorm of the Dead Trailer (2006)

01 August 2006

At Arkham University, campus bitches Clare and Julie have a score to settle with goth chicks Sarah and Allison.

Demolition Highway Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

Frank (Danny Fendley) spent five years in prison for refusing to rat on his boss, Xavier (Joe Estevez).

Bollywood and Vine Trailer (2004)

11 November 2004

An Indian tour bus driver in Hollywood gets more than he bargained for when he writes a comeback vehicle for his idol, reclusive actress Delilah Leigh.

Red Lips Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

No overview found.

Blood and Honor Trailer (2000)

10 January 2000

No overview found.

Red Lips II Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

No overview found.

Dirty Cop 2: I Am a Pig Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

Officer Gus Kimball gets out of jail and teams up with a new cameraman, Sam "Fanboy". They pick up right where he left off, harassing local "perps" with a vengeance.

Cannibal Hookers Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

Two girls pose as hookers for a sorority initiation, then turn into zombies and eat their neighbors.

Vampire Cop Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

Cop who just happens to be a vampire goes after the drug dealer who killed his partner with the help of a news reporter.

Invasion of the Scream Queens Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

Women who have made a career out of starring in the B horror and science fiction genres are interviewed, and clips and trailers from their films are shown.