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Fortress Trailer (2012)

01 April 2012

When the commander of the crew of a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber is killed in action in a raid over Sicily in 1943, his replacement, a young, naive pilot struggles to be accepted by the plane's already tight-knit Irish American crew.

Wish Upon a Star Trailer (1996)

12 November 1996

Seventeen-year-old Alexia Wheaton hasn't been herself lately. Neighter has her 15-year-old sister Hayley.

Night of the Demons Trailer (1988)

14 October 1988

While conducting a seance during a Halloween party, high-school seniors unlock the demon that remains locked in the crematorium.

Ghoulies II Trailer (1987)

18 September 1987

Ghoulies II picks up a short time after the first movie, a few of the little nasties stow away on an amusement park ride and bring big bucks to a dying fair.

Mockingbird Trailer (2010)

25 May 2010

A young father listens to his wife soothing their newborn child over the baby monitor. What could possibly go wrong?

Broken Angel Trailer (1988)

13 March 1988

A man combs Los Angeles for his missing daughter, and discovers she belongs to a gang dealing in crack.