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Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Trailer (1965)

03 September 1965

In a Carpathian village, Ivan falls in love with Marichka, the daughter of his father's killer. When tragedy befalls her, his grief lasts months; finally he rejoins the colorful life around him, marrying Palagna.

Battle Beyond the Sun Trailer (1959)

12 September 1959

In the distant future, the post-nuclear holocaust Earth is divided into two rival superpowers, North Hemis and South Hemis.

Zvyozdnaya komandirovka Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982

He did not understand how he got to this strange planet. You need to choose, because it turned out that there is also a certain alien, who in the same time appeared on Earth.

The Deluge Trailer (1974)

02 September 1974

Following With Fire and Sword', this is an adaptation of the second and most spectacular part of Sienkiewicz's trilogy of warfare, romance, and derring-do.

A Few Love Stories Trailer (1994)

06 June 1994

A Few Love Stories based on classic novels by Giovanni Boccaccio, Anton Francesco Grazzini and Agnolo Firenzuola.

Pilot Pirx's Inquest Trailer (1979)

27 May 1979

This movie is about a rocket pilot named Pirx who is hired to go on a mission to evaluate some nonlinears (robots) for use as crewmembers on future space flights.

Poem of Kovpak: Carpathians, Carpathians... Trailer (1977)

06 June 1977

A third of a series of movies about Kovpak - the partisans chief during WWII.

The Black Council Trailer (2001)

01 March 2001

The Black Council gives a vivid picture of the different levels of society in seventeenth-century Ukraine.

A Story of the Forest: Mavka Trailer (1980)

23 July 1980

Mavka, a water nymph, loves Lukash, a country youth. Their brief happiness ends when Lukash is forced to marry the shrewish Kilina.

New Adventures of a Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Fantasy Over Mark Twain's Theme Trailer (1988)

06 June 1988

A plane crashes in the time of King Arthur. The surviving pilot tries to accommodate to this strange new world.

Веселi Жабокричi Trailer (1971)

01 January 1971

Guard Me, My Talisman Trailer (1986)

31 August 1986

The setting for this off-beat drama of love and jealousy is the Pushkin Poetry Festival in Boldino. Liosha and his wife Tania are walking through the plush forest around Boldino when a mysterious figure pops up from behind a tree and asks the couple a question on an esoteric point of Pushkin scholarship.

Idu do tebe Trailer (1972)

24 July 1972

The main motive of the film - a tragic love of Lesya Ukrainka to Marxist revolutionary Sergei Merzhinskiy.

The Birthday Present Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

Young revolutionary carried out the attack. She is waiting for a death sentence. Police warden who arrested girl, gives his little son a quite unusual birthday present - takes the boy to the execution.

Extraordinary Accident Trailer (1958)

06 June 1958

The crew of a soviet cargo falls prey to an act of piracy in waters between China and Taiwan, and are taken to Taiwan where they are pressured into stating they chose to go into the free world.

The Gadfly Trailer (1980)

03 November 1980

The movie set in 1840s Italy under the dominance of Austria, a time of tumultuous revolt and uprisings.

One-Two, Soldiers Were Going... Trailer (1976)

06 June 1976

The families of 18 soldiers who heroically died in 1944 are meeting at the place of the squad last battle.

Kha-bi-assy Trailer (1991)

02 August 1991

The story develops in a couple of years before the collapse of the USSR. Masha is a young, energetic girl, who has decided to make an adventurous journey across mountain Crimea.

Country Trip of Sgt. Tsybulya Trailer (1979)

13 June 1979

On the way to Partisans camp Sgt. Tsybulya suddenly lands in the middle of German troops. Now he must find a way to return to the Red Army.

Only Old Men Are Going to Battle Trailer (1973)

06 June 1973

Bogdan Titarenko is very talented pilot and brave leader of "Singing group". He also must look after some new cadets and fight together with them against German Luftwaffe planes.

Mercedes Runs Away from the Chase Trailer (1980)

01 January 1980

The film is set during World War II. After capturing the "trophy" Mercedes, a group of scouts, disguised as German officers commits a daring raid behind enemy lines (the 116th Motorized Division) on roads controlled by the enemy.

The Guest from the Future Trailer (1979)

01 October 1979

The Kiss Trailer (1983)

22 October 1983

The film is based on the short story by Anton Chekhov. Gentlemen invited to tea by the local landowner, a retired major-General von Rebbeca.

Mirgorod and Its Inhabitants Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

Based on the works of Nikolai Gogol - 'The Old World Landowners', 'The Tale of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich', 'Ivan Fyodorovich Shponka and His Aunt'.

The Humble Cemetery Trailer (1989)

01 December 1989

The main character Vorobei is a professional grave digger and alcohol addict, who runs away from hospital to dig graves instead of treating his head broken by his brother.

Hold on, Cossack! Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

Cossack Maxim and the girl who dressed in men's clothing run from Turkish captivity. On the road, full of adventures and surprises, they have to release the children stolen by evil janissaries.

The Hole Trailer (1990)

16 August 1990

A few days from the life of average brothel in early XX century Russia. Based on the classical novel by Aleksandr Kuprin.

Two Years above the Abyss Trailer (1966)

09 May 1966

A drama about an underground war in the occupied Kiev during WWII.

Chasing Two Hares Trailer (1961)

21 December 1961

Based on the vaudeville by M. Staritsky Svirid Petrovich Golokhvasty had his own barbershop in town and a reputation of a dandy.

Poem of Kovpak: Snow-Storm Trailer (1975)

06 June 1975

A second of a series of movies about Kovpak - the partisans chief during WWII.

Lonely Woman Seeks Life Companion Trailer (1986)

12 December 1986

A lonely woman, who is desperately tired of her lonesome, posts a message that she wishes to meet someone.

The Legend of Princess Olga Trailer (1984)

27 February 1984

The film is a poetic adaptation of a series of stories [oral and written] about Princess Olga of Kiev Russia at the start of the 11th century.

Flags on the Towers Trailer (1958)

06 June 1958

A drama about educating homeless children based on the book by Anton Makarenko.

Fuzhou Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

The action is set at the start of the twentieth century, between a village by the River Dnyepr and the coast of Florida.

Inspector of Criminal Investigation Trailer (1971)

10 November 1971

A detective investigating the robbery also tries to help young man to avoid criminal future.

Junk Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

After a two-year absence Valentin returns home and finds his sister Alisa in a deranged state. It turns out that the girl has long been on the needle.

The Rockets Should Not Fly Up Trailer (1964)

06 June 1964

Germany, 1944. A group of international soldiers are trying to prevent Germans from finalizing research and development of FAU-2 rockets.

A Dream Trailer (1964)

01 April 1964

Poetic treatment of the early life of Ukrainian poet and painter Taras Shevchenko.

Cadet from the Schooner 'Columbus' Trailer (1963)

06 June 1963

Two teenagers Marco and Lyuda are helping border guards to catch a spy.

Hiding at the Bottom of the Sea Trailer (1965)

06 June 1965

Romka Marchenko, a young kid who is participating in movie shooting tries to stop international spy.

Return from Orbit Trailer (1985)

01 November 1985

As soon as two friends-cosmonauts came back from space, a lot of things changed on the Earth. The wife of one of them died.

Old Man Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

A man in his 30s visits a Soviet school to try to hook up with a young teacher there, and meets one of her students, whom he enlists to help introduce him to his romantic interest.

Youth Island Trailer (1976)

31 August 1976

A group of nine-graders are trying to start a kolkhoz of their own.

The Keys of Skies Trailer (1964)

12 December 1964

A romantic comedy about a young officers from army base.

Vysokiy pereval Trailer (1981)

01 January 1981

World War II scattered the Carpathian peasant family of Yaroslava Petrin. She is a dedicated communist, and her husband, son and daughter support OUN-UPA.

Poem of Kovpak: Alarm Trailer (1973)

06 June 1973

A first of a series of movies about Kovpak - the partisans chief during WWII.

The Lost Letter Trailer (1972)

01 January 1972

Folk comedy that tells the adventures of Cossacks Vasil and Andrij as they attempt to deliver a letter from their Hetman to the Queen in Petersburg and then return to their native village in one piece.

In the Kingdom of Far Far Away Trailer (1970)

01 July 1970

A story about a young girl Oksana from Soviet Union who is mistakenly identified as a queen of a far away kingdom.

The Blue Arrow Trailer (1958)

26 January 1958

An officer accidentally leaks information about the first test of a new aircraft model. When spies get hold of this classified information, the development of the new airplane is under threat.

Ivanna Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

The film tells the story of the tragic fate of a young girl - the daughter of a clergyman, the Soviet partisan.

Bogdan-Zinoviy Khmelnitsky Trailer (2008)

04 May 2008

Film tells the story of one of the most difficult and tragic moments of the liberation war of Ukrainian people against the rule of Poland (1648 - 1657 years) - Battle of Zbarazh.

Vertical Races Trailer (1982)

06 June 1982

A drama about a psychological duel between a police detective and career criminal.

Romashkin Effect Trailer (1973)

06 June 1973

A musical comedy about the adventures of four friends who are trying to film a yogurt commercials.

The Secret of Genghis Khan Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

1227, the last night of dying Genghis Khan. With promises and threats tyrant tries to persuade captive Otrar physician Akerke, the widow of the scientist, who was killed by Mongol soldiers, to save his life.

A Prayer for Hetman Mazepa Trailer (2002)

14 February 2002

'A Prayer for Hetman Mazepa' unfolds during an interesting era in the history of Eastern Europe when Russia, under Peter the Great, and Sweden, under King Charles XII, struggled for power; the Ukraine was the pawn in the middle.

The Sky Beckons; The Heavens Call Trailer (1959)

29 July 1959

A Soviet scientific expedition is being prepared as the world's first mission to planet Mars. Their space ship Homeland has been built at a space station, where the expedition awaits the command to start.

Vladyka Andrey Trailer (2008)

04 September 2008

Story about Metropolitan of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Andrey Sheptytsky who opposed repressive totalitarian regimes of Stalin and Hitler and chose the path of service to God and people.

The Eve of Ivan Kupalo Trailer (1968)

14 September 1968

Based on Nikolai Gogol’s short story “The Eve of Ivan Kupala” (“St John’s Eve”).

Escape from the Palace Trailer (1975)

06 June 1975

A family drama about life of a few children in Ukraine during thirties.

Good Intentions Trailer (1984)

01 May 1984

Young Nadezhda after graduating college starts working in the orphanage.