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Dick Tracy Trailer (1937)

20 February 1937

Dick Tracy's foe for this serial is the crime boss and Masked Mystery Villain The Spider/The Lame One and his Spider Ring.

The Old Corral Trailer (1936)

21 December 1936

As the sheriff of a small western town, Autry sings his way into a relationship with Eleanor, a singer from a Chicago nightclub who earlier witnessed a murder.

The Arizona Kid Trailer (1939)

28 September 1939

Roy is a Confederate officer stationed in Missouri during the Civil War. He must put an end to outlaw gangs working under the pretense of service to the Confederacy.

The Singing Cowboy Trailer (1936)

11 May 1936

A rodeo singer (Gene Autry) funds a little girl's operation with a show, on television.

The Lone Ranger Rides Again Trailer (1939)

25 February 1939

Homesteaders are moving into the valley settled many years ago by rancher Craig Dolan. He wants to keep them out by legal means but his nephew Bart brings in outlaws to drive them out.

West of Hot Dog Trailer (1924)

30 December 1924

On his way to collect inheritance in the small town on Hot Dog, Stan gets robbed by highwaymen, one of which is the other person who shall attend the reading of their late Uncle's will.

The Sleuth Trailer (1925)

30 June 1925

American silent comedy film

Somewhere In Wrong Trailer (1925)

29 January 1925

Stan plays a kind hearted tramp whose love goes un-requited in this sweet short film from 1925.

Half a Man Trailer (1925)

30 August 1925

Laurel plays Winchell McSweeney, whose fisherman parents forced him to leave home and make it on his own when they can no longer afford to keep supporting him.

Hawk of the Wilderness Trailer (1938)

03 December 1938

An expedition arrives on an uncharted jungle island to rescue the local natives, led by a jungle boy, from a volcano that is about to erupt.

The Singing Vagabond Trailer (1935)

16 December 1935

Tex rides to the rescue when badguys led by LaCrosse and Utah Joe kidnap Lettie.

Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde Trailer (1925)

30 July 1925

Stan Laurel before Laurel and Hardy, in this "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde"-inspired story, which was released 30 July 1925.

Pie-Eyed Trailer (1925)

29 March 1925

It's 3:00 AM at the Firewater Club, and Stanley has had more than enough to drink. When he tries to take over leading the orchestra, the manager - a former boxer - lets him know that he needs to restrain himself.