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When the Raven Flies Trailer (1984)

04 February 1984

Vikings pillage Ireland, seeking silver and slaves, slaying men and women in the process. A young boy is spared when a Viking takes pity on him instead of killing him.

In the Shadow of the Raven Trailer (1988)

22 October 1988

Trausti returns to Iceland just in time to be entangled in a family feud over a stranded whale-cadaver.

The White Viking Trailer (1991)

01 November 1991

Norway in the 10th century. Askur, son of the powerful Thorgeir marries Embla, daughter of one of the few remaining landowners in Norway, in a pagan ceremony.

Children of Nature Trailer (1991)

01 August 1991

An elderly couple leave their retirement home to make one last journey back to their home in the Western Fjords.

The Twins Trailer (1981)

01 January 1981

The twins Jon Oddur and Jon Bjarni are typical normotensive boy saddles. Sometimes, they have to be quite the most dangerous repeat and even naughty but filial innocence they easily melt everyone's heart.

Rust Trailer (1990)

26 December 1990

After 15 years Pétur returns to Baddi's auto garage that is still located at the end of the world. Baddi lives there with his two children and worker.

Cool Jazz and Coconuts Trailer (1985)

16 March 1985

A husband and wife living in a village on the eastern most part of Iceland visit their actor friends.

The Big Rescue Trailer (2009)

25 September 2009

When Sveppi's best friend Villi is kidnapped by the bad guys. Sveppi takes it upon himself with his buddy Goi to rescue him and an incredible adventure unfolds.

In Tune with the Time Trailer (2004)

26 December 2004

Agnes Trailer (1995)

23 December 1995

In a barren land ruled by oppression and ignorance, a spirited woman driven by hope of a better life must fight against the odds.

Kristnihald undir Jökli Trailer (1989)

25 February 1989

A hapless guy from the city visits an isolated Icelandic seaside settlement. He gradually realizes that the seals are not what they seem, and that two of the inhabitants are magicians, vieing for the favour of a mysterious woman.

Magnús Trailer (1989)

11 August 1989

Magnus (Egill Olafsson) is a slightly ditzy lawyer whose life is fraying at the edges. Things get into a much clearer perspective when he receives a medical diagnosis that says he will die pretty soon from cancer.

On Top Trailer (1982)

18 December 1982

The basic plot revolves around the break-up of a band and the subsequent competition between the two new bands to get contracts and attention.