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Eiji Okada (13 June 1920 Chōshi, Chiba, Japan – 14 September 1995 Japan) was a Japanese film actor. Okada served in the Japanese army during World War II, and was a miner and traveling salesman before becoming an actor. Internationally, his best-remembered roles include Lui ("him," in French) in the film Hiroshima mon amour (1959), directed by Alain Resnais, and the entomologist Niki Junpei in Hiroshi Teshigahara's Woman in the Dunes (1964), an adaptation of Kōbō Abe's novel. Okada was married to Aiko Wasa, with whom he ran a theatre company in Japan. He died on September 14, 1995 of heart failure, at the age of 75.

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The Yakuza Trailer (1974)

21 December 1974

Harry Kilmer returns to Japan after several years in order to rescue his friend George's kidnapped daughter - and ends up on the wrong side of the Yakuza, the notorious Japanese mafia.

Hiroshima Mon Amour Trailer (1959)

10 June 1959

A French actress filming an anti-war film in Hiroshima has an affair with a married Japanese architect as they share their differing perspectives on war.

Woman in the Dunes Trailer (1964)

15 February 1964

Jumpei Niki, a Tokyo based entomologist and educator, is in a poor seaside village collecting specimens of sand insects.

Lady Snowblood Trailer (1973)

01 December 1973

Yuki's family is nearly wiped out before she is born due to the machinations of a band of criminals. These criminals kidnap and brutalize her mother but leave her alive.

The Face of Another Trailer (1966)

15 July 1966

A businessman with a disfigured face obtains a lifelike mask from his doctor, but the mask starts altering his personality.

This Transient Life Trailer (1970)

08 August 1970

The lovely Yuri is 24 years and not a day goes by without her parents complain that she is still unmarried.

Antarctica Trailer (1983)

23 July 1983

Two Japanese scientists, Ushioda and Ochi, develop a bond with their sled dogs while on an expedition in Antarctica.

Samurai Spy Trailer (1965)

10 July 1965

Years of warfare end in a Japan unified under the Tokugawa shogunate, and samurai spy Sasuke Sarutobi, tired of conflict, longs for peace.

Zatôichi's Conspiracy Trailer (1973)

21 April 1973

Zatoichi, the famed blind swordsman, returns to his home village for the first time in many years. He is befriended by Omiyo, who had the same wet-nurse as Zatoichi.

Assassination Trailer (1964)

30 October 1964

Assassination begins with the events of 1853 when "four black ships" anchored at Edo Bay, sparking civil unrest and the major political manoeuvring that saw the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

The Ugly American Trailer (1963)

02 April 1963

An intelligent, articulate scholar, Harrison MacWhite, survives a hostile Senate confirmation hearing at the hands of conservatives to become ambassador to Sarkan, a southeast Asian country where civil war threatens a tense peace.

Lady Ogin Trailer (1978)

03 June 1978

Sen Rikyu is a ceremonial tea master who advises warlord Hideyoshi in sixteenth-century feudal Japan.

She and He Trailer (1963)

18 October 1963

As her husband Eiichi becomes more entangled in his life as businessman, Naoko looks for ways to expand her own life even as her husband's life shrinks in scope and intimacy.

Heat Wave Trailer (1991)

09 February 1991

Rin Jyoshima lost her father to death-by-gambling; years later, she's grown up in the Kosugi household and has fallen victim to gambling herself.

My Way Trailer (1974)

07 September 1974

Based on a true story, an elderly women resiliently spends nine months attempting to retrieve her husband's dead body, fighting government bureaucracy and indifference all along the way.

The X from Outer Space Trailer (1967)

25 March 1967

The spaceship AAB-Gamma is dispatched from FAFC headquarters in Japan to make a landing on the planet Mars and investigate reports of UFOs in the area.

The Alaska Story Trailer (1977)

22 January 1977

Silence Trailer (1971)

13 November 1971

Two Jesuit priests encounter persecution when they travel to Japan in the 17th century to spread Christianity and search for their mentor.

Judo Saga Trailer (1965)

28 May 1965

Remake of Kurosawa's films Sanshiro Sugata and Sanshiro Sugata part 2. A young man, Sanshiro Sugata, troubled by personal problems, takes up judo.

The August without Emperor Trailer (1978)

23 September 1978

Taking the Chilean coup as an example, a group of young officers plan to overthrow the Japanese government on V-J Day.

Vixen Trailer (1969)

18 October 1969

Masumura's 44th film capitalizes on the student unrest of the late sixties as background for a story about a 'liberated' woman.

Mother Trailer (1952)

12 June 1952

Okaasan is the story of a poor, working class mother with a sick husband who sacrifices herself to support her family in suburban Tokyo.

Rebellion of Japan Trailer (1967)

14 January 1967

Suzuko, a woman in her twenties who has a brother with political problems (due to communist reprisals), lives for over five years in a love affair with Tate, who plays a young lieutenant in the Army as a right-wing fundamentalist revolutionary.

Shin Usagi Yasei No Touhai Trailer (2013)

06 July 2013

Shun Takeda is a high school student who gets bullied. He is forced to play Ikasama Mahjong. While playing Ikasama Mahjong, he notices a bad hand for himself and runs away.

Tower of Lilies Trailer (1953)

09 January 1953

A group of Okinawan high school girls are drafted as nurses during the American invasion of the island.

White Beast Trailer (1950)

03 June 1950

The critical establishment was clearly not prepared to accept a woman's prison film featuring former prostitutes recovering from venereal diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and estranged lovers.

Utamaro's World Trailer (1977)

20 February 1977

Utamaro was an artist who lived in Edo (which was later to become modern-day Tokyo) in the late 18th century.

Shin irezumi muzan Trailer (1968)

01 May 1968

Pinku from 1968.

Lost Love Trailer (1978)

24 February 1978

At a seaside city somewhere in the Tohoku area, the corpses of Nozomi, daughter of an affluent family, and Yamazaki, son of an engineer at the local nuclear power-plant, are found tied-to on a beach, as if they intended to commit double suicide.

Tattooed Temptress Trailer (1968)

13 April 1968

Pinku from 1968.

Hitodenashi no koi Trailer (1995)

28 October 1995

Movie adaptation of a novel by Rampo Edogawa.

Christ in Bronze Trailer (1955)

11 October 1955

Christ in Bronze is a 1955 black-and-white Japanese film directed by Minoru Shibuya. It was entered into the 1956 Cannes Film Festival.

The Spring of Music Trailer (1955)

12 February 1955

The story of a group of young people who organise their own travelling symphony orchestra to provide music for people living in remote villages shortly after the war.

Hiroshima Trailer (1953)

02 January 1953

The film shows the bombing of Hiroshima and the horrific aftermath following the detonation of an atomic bomb on humans for the first time in history.

The S.S. Happiness Sets Sail Trailer (1980)

15 November 1980

Adaptation of a 1956 novel by Yukio Mishima.

The Stairway to the Distant Past Trailer (1995)

18 March 1995

Broke, his vintage Nash convertible repossessed, private eye Mike Hama is reduced to combing the mean streets of the Yokohama waterfront on a borrowed bicycle.

The Scent of Incense Trailer (1964)

24 May 1964

After her mother runs away from home, Tomoko is raised to be a geisha. One day Tomoko meets her mother in a red-light district in Tokyo and her life deeply gets in trouble.

The Boy Detectives Club – The Devil with Twenty Faces Trailer (1956)

14 November 1956

Second film in the Boy Detectives Club series.

Till We Meet Again Trailer (1950)

21 March 1950

Saburo and Keiko fall in love with each other but the tide of the war separates them.

The Boy Detectives Club – Doctor Phantom Trailer (1956)

07 November 1956

First film in the Boy Detectives Club series.

Rififi in Tokyo Trailer (1963)

29 March 1963

Van Hekken, an old gangster, arrives in Tokyo to direct a bank hold-up in order to get a very valuable diamond.

Dog of Fortune Trailer (1979)

02 June 1979

Korean girl loses her beloved dog while moving with her family.

Vacuum Zone Trailer (1952)

10 December 1952

Just before the end of the war, Japanese soldier Kitani is released from prison, having served his term for theft.

Outlaw Under a Blue Canopy Trailer (1960)

10 May 1960

Sheriff Goro goes undercover to investigate drug smugglers.

The Boy Detectives Club – The Iron Fiend Trailer (1957)

28 May 1957

Fourth film in the Boy Detectives Club series.

A Billionaire Trailer (1954)

22 November 1954

An ethical, young tax collector new to his area encounters increasingly absurd individuals and groups coping with their post-war woes.

Blue Christmas Trailer (1978)

23 November 1978

UFOs appear on Earth, and people who actually see them suddenly find that their blood has turned blue.

Chimimoryo: A Soul of Demons Trailer (1971)

07 June 1971

Directed by Kô Nakahira

The Glacier Fox Trailer (1978)

15 July 1978

A family of foxes fight to survive against the harsh but beautiful backdrop of Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island.

I Am a Cat Trailer (1975)

31 May 1975

Nakadai is an English teacher at a local school. He’s put-upon like the patron figure of dozens of films and televisions shows.

Lullaby of the Earth Trailer (1976)

12 June 1976

The story of an orphan girl, brought up in naive, rustic innocence by an elderly relative, who is suddenly exposed to the brutality, greed and deceptiveness of the outside world when her grandmother dies.

E.S.P./Spy Trailer (1974)

28 December 1974

The film deals with the recruitment of racecar driver Jiro Miki (Kusakari) and his dog, Cheetah, to a group of people who use ESP, psychokinesis, and other special mental abilities to fight crime.

Cobra 2 Trailer (1976)

26 June 1976

Japanese crime film.

The Gate of Youth Part 2 Trailer (1977)

11 February 1977