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Elana A. Mugdan was born as Elana Nicole Lenk Mugdan. She is an actress, director and producer, known for Draconis Olim (2011), White Picket World (2013) and Let's Make a Movie (2012).

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Shame the Devil Trailer (2013)

02 December 2013

A London detective tracking a serial killer finds the killers "truth or die" methods take him to New York to solve the case.

White Collar Hooligan 2: England Away Trailer (2013)

19 May 2013

Mike Jacobs thinks he's safe in Witness Protection in Spain. However, when he's spotted at an England game, a deadly game of cat and mouse between London, Marbella and New York ensues.

Sailor Moon the Movie Trailer (2011)

11 November 2011

Bunny T., an ordinary girl, is chosen to become a superhero named Sailor Moon. She is tasked with saving the world from the evil Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom, who is plotting to destroy the planet Earth.

The Birthday Girl Trailer (2012)

15 November 2012

A shy, unpopular girl is given a thoughtless present for her birthday. She discovers that the present has magical powers, and goes out to exact vengeance upon those who have ignored and made fun of her over the years.

Let's Make a Movie Trailer (2012)

14 December 2012

Let's Make a Movie is the story of Cassie Thompson (Played by Hallie York), a college dropout and ex-film student who is tired of being disrespected and downtrodden, has decided that she's had enough.

White Picket World Trailer (2013)

15 May 2013

A struggling writer suffers a psychotic break and is now unable to distinguish fiction from reality.

Director's Cut Trailer (2012)

14 December 2012

Director's Cut is the story of Cassie Thompson, a college dropout and ex-film student who decides to make a movie in an attempt to turn her dead-end life around.

Hell on Earth Trailer (2012)

28 March 2012

An FBI Agent on the trail of a group of drug traffickers learns that their corruption runs deeper than she ever imagined, and finds herself in a supernatural - and deadly - situation.

Draconis Olim Trailer (2011)

20 June 2011

Two friends discover they have supernatural powers stemming from an ancient, magical race of beings, and they must use their new-found abilities to stop an enemy who wishes to use them for evil.

To Live For Trailer (2011)

28 February 2011

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