Elio Crovetto

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Naughty Nun Trailer (1972)

09 March 1972

To spite her father, a young woman enters a convent. However, the woman's old boyfriend shows up and tries to win her back.

Champagner für Zimmer 17 Trailer (1969)

25 September 1969

German Sex comedy

Schwarzer Nerz auf zarter Haut Trailer (1970)

20 February 1970

A crime movie directed by Erwin C. Dietrich (as Michael Thomas).

I Due Maghi Del Pallone Trailer (1971)

01 January 1971

Viaggio di nozze all'italiana Trailer (1966)

08 February 1966

The Kinky Darlings Trailer (1964)

01 January 1964

No description could be found.

Il Terribile Ispettore Trailer (1969)

01 January 1969

Sugar, Honey and Pepper Trailer (1980)

03 October 1980

Three episodes. First Valerio is mistaken for a notorious criminal. Very beautiful journalists succeed to bring him to her house for an exclusive interview.

I giorni del commissario Ambrosio Trailer (1988)

20 October 1988

Per vivere meglio, divertitevi con noi Trailer (1978)

06 October 1978

Ma che musica maestro Trailer (1971)

05 April 1971

Se devi dire una bugia dilla grossa Trailer (1986)

12 May 1986

Palace Hotel, Rome, the story begins with the Demitri couple, who turn out to be in a marital crisis due to their not having sex for quite some time.