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Capturing Dad Trailer (2013)

09 February 2013

Koharu Higashimura (Nanoka Matsubara) is a 17-year-old high school student, living in a rural town. Koharu lives with her older sister Hazuki (Elisa Yanagi) and mother Sawa (Makiko Watanabe).

Yarukkya Knight Trailer (2015)

23 May 2015

Makoto Gousuke has just transferred to a new high school with the intention of being the toughest kid there.

The Lust of Angels Trailer (2014)

01 March 2014

Saori, a school girl, is molested on the notorious "molester train" of the Hanagawa line and rescued by another school girl who witnesses the act.

Rolling Trailer (2015)

13 June 2015

Kanichi (Takahiro Miura) works at wet tissue company in Mito, Japan. He runs into Gondo. 10 years ago, Gondo was fired from his job as a teacher for secretly filming others.