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Elke Sommer (born 5 November 1940), born Elke Schletz, is a German-born actress, entertainer and artist.

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Frontier Hellcat Trailer (1964)

08 December 1964

Frontier Hellcat was the fourth in a series of 1960s European westerns based on Karl May's "Winnetou" character.

A Shot in the Dark Trailer (1964)

23 June 1964

A Shot in the Dark is the second and more successful film from the Pink Panther film series where both animated and real life sequences are mixed.

Ten Little Indians Trailer (1974)

24 September 1974

Ten people are invited for a weekend by a Mr U. N. Own, but he isn't on the island. At dinner a record is played, by that all the people are accused of murder, suddenly the first of them is dead, then the next.

Deadlier Than the Male Trailer (1967)

12 February 1967

British agent Bulldog Drummond is assigned to stop a master criminal who uses beautiful women to do his killings.

Baron Blood Trailer (1972)

25 February 1972

A young man, Peter, returns to Austria in search of his heritage. There he visits the castle of an ancestor, a sadistic Baron who was cursed to a violent death by a witch whom the Baron had burned at the stake.

Carry On Behind Trailer (1975)

01 December 1975

Professors Vrooshka and Crump decide to visit an archaeological site to study the artifacts there. Lo and behold, it's right next to a caravan site where all manner of people are staying.

The Victors Trailer (1963)

22 November 1963

Intercutting dramatic vignettes with newsreel footage, the story follows the characters from an infantry squad as they make their way from Sicily to Germany during the end of World War II.

Flashback Trailer (2000)

06 April 2000

A young woman is released from an asylum where she has been since witnessing the murder of her parents, but violence continues to haunt her.

The Prize Trailer (1963)

25 December 1963

For some reason, this year's Nobel prize in literature has been awarded to the young author Andrew Craig, who seems to be more interested in women and drinking than writing.

Probe Trailer (1972)

21 February 1972

Pilot for sci-fi detective series "Search." Hugh O'Brian as Lockwood, a high-tech private eye, was outfitted with two electronic implants (one to hear what was said at HQ and a dental contact he could bite to communicate with HQ--one bite for yes and two bites for no) and a button-sized "scanner" that combined a micro-miniaturized television camera that could also see in infrared spectrum, microphone, medical sensors, and transmitter, putting him in constant contact with a room full of experts monitoring his actions and vital signs and supplying him with encyclopedic information.

Der Stein des Todes Trailer (1987)

02 July 1987

Kumar Cunningham loses his fiancee in Sri Lanka during a festival, only to discover her dead from a drugs overdose.

Alles nur Tarnung Trailer (1996)

14 November 1996

No overview found.

The Oscar Trailer (1966)

04 March 1966

Snotty Hollywood actor becomes even more full of himself after he's nominated for Best actor at the Academy Awards.

The Prisoner of Zenda Trailer (1979)

21 December 1979

Anthony Hope's classic tale gets a decidedly 'un-classic' treatment at the hands of Peter Sellers. Following the story somewhat, friends of the new King Rudolph of Ruritania fear for his life, and switch him with a look-a-like London cabby.

Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna Trailer (1986)

07 December 1986

Story of Anna Anderson, who claimed to be Anastasia Romanov, the only surviving daughter of the Czar and Czarina of Russia.

I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses Trailer (1978)

08 September 1978

Successful businessman Charles Kruschen (Donald Pilon) is accused of bludgeoning to death his beautiful but manipulative model wife Magdalene (Elke Sommer).

The Wrecking Crew Trailer (1968)

30 December 1968

Count Contini masterminds the theft of $1 billion in U.S. gold being transported in Europe. This will cause gyrations in the world's financial markets, and Contini will profit from it.

Am Tag, als der Regen kam Trailer (1959)

24 November 1959

Motorcylce driving kids in pre-war Germany commit crime at night.

Lisa and the Devil Trailer (1973)

09 May 1973

Lisa is a tourist in an ancient city. When she gets lost, she finds an old mansion in which to shelter.

Zeppelin Trailer (1971)

06 October 1971

The outbreak of World War I places Scots officer Geoffrey Richter-Douglas in an uncomfortable position.

Lily in Love Trailer (1984)

17 October 1984

Insulted when his screenwriter wife writes a leading role for a younger man, aging Broadway idol Fitz Wynn disguises himself as a handsome young Italian.

The Astral Factor Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976

Demonstrating that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, a convicted strangler studies the paranormal and finds a way to render himself invisible.

Ewig rauschen die Gelder Trailer (2005)

19 November 2005

A stage play by René Heinersdorff, photographed for television.

Inside the Third Reich Trailer (1982)

09 May 1982

A dramatization of the life of Albert Speer, Hitler's young architect and onetime confidant, and his meteoric rise into the Nazi hierarchy.

They Came to Rob Las Vegas Trailer (1968)

31 October 1968

one guy has the plan to rob a high security money transport

Hotel der toten Gäste Trailer (1965)

26 March 1965

Edgar Wallace Rip-off...

Geliebte Hochstaplerin Trailer (1961)

16 December 1961

Sweet Ecstasy Trailer (1962)

07 March 1962

Olivier, a handsome but callow and moody young student, picks up an enthusiastic actress during a theatre rehearsal, and is introduced to her acquaintances -- a group of jaded rich kids who spend their time storming around the Riviera harassing passersby, throwing wild parties and following all the latest trends.

Daniella by Night Trailer (1961)

28 April 1961

Daniella, a fashion model, goes to Rome to replace a model who's been murdered. Once there, she meets two men, Count Castellani, whose clothes she'll model, and Karl Bauer, a reporter in the hotel room next to hers.

Himmelsheim Trailer (1989)

02 March 1989

A comedy directed by Manfred Stelzer.

The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz Trailer (1968)

03 January 1968

A beautiful East German Olympic hopeful pole-vaults over the Berlin Wall to freedom.

Percy's Progress Trailer (1974)

01 August 1974

Percy, the man with the world's first penis transplant, discovers that there is a chemical in the city's water that makes men impotent.

The House of Exorcism Trailer (1975)

02 April 1975

A total re-edit of Mario Bava's gothic classic Lisa and the Devil (1973) for US release in 1975. Cheesy exorcism scenes were shot to try to capitalize on the success of The Exorcist (1973).

Howlers of the Dock Trailer (1960)

13 March 1960

Follows the adventures of a group of friends, teddy boys and rock and roll chicks whose crazy, fun-loving habits inspire jiving from some of Rome's citizens, and bitter complants from others which inspire a group of corrupt officials determined to bring the group down.

Seduction by the Sea Trailer (1963)

15 August 1963

A young women is hired by a woman to seduce her son and convince him to return to home from his self-induced exile.

Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! Trailer (1966)

08 June 1966

The divine Didi, a European actress known more for her bubble bath scenes than for her acting, decides she has had enough with bubble baths and wants to be taken seriously as an actress.

The Corrupt Ones Trailer (1967)

20 January 1967

Spy accidentally gets an ancient treasure. Several corrupt groups try to steal it from him.

A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

An American ex-con who is trying to go straight is persuaded to be the inside man for an audacious bank job in central London.

The Money Trap Trailer (1965)

07 September 1965

A cop turns to crime to keep his spoiled sexy young wife happy. When the money starts coming in his partner was in on the action.

Das Leben ist zu lang Trailer (2010)

26 August 2010

The Warrior Empress Trailer (1960)

24 August 1960

The poetess Sappho led an uprising against the corrupt government of the island of Lesbos.

Das Netz Trailer (1975)

25 December 1975

The aging writer Aurelio Morelli is disillusioned: although the critics like his books, they are barely read.

The Fantastic Seven Trailer (1979)

30 May 1979

Christopher Connelly stars as stuntman Hill Singleton in this daring, high seas, rescue adventure. When film star Rebecca Way is kidnapped from her own set, Hill must come up with a plan.

The Art of Love Trailer (1965)

30 June 1965

Painter Paul Sloan feels he's a failure, since nobody will buy his paintings. His art dealer informs him, that the works of an artist become much more wanted and valuable if the artist is dead.

The Venetian Affair Trailer (1967)

18 January 1967

Former CIA man, Bill Fenner, now a downbeat, loner journalist, is sent to Venice to investigate the shock suicide bombing by an American diplomat at a peace conference.

Don't Bother To Knock Trailer (1961)

28 May 1961

An Edinburgh travel agent loses his keys and his fiancé in one night. A friend finds the keys and makes loads of copies with his address attached as a joke.

Café Oriental Trailer (1962)

16 February 1962

Reblaus Trailer (2005)

13 November 2005

Intrigo a Taormina Trailer (1960)

22 December 1960

La Pica sul Pacifico Trailer (1959)

01 January 1959

Lampenfieber Trailer (1960)

03 March 1960

Severed Ties Trailer (1992)

02 September 1992

A regeneration experiment on a severed arm goes awry, turning the limb into a murderous, reptilian creature.

Top of the Hill Trailer (1980)

06 February 1980

Michael Stone is a rising company executive decides to chuck his career and marriage to fulfill a fantasy to be a member of the U.

Und sowas nennt sich Leben Trailer (1961)

10 January 1961

Das Totenschiff Trailer (1959)

01 October 1959

The Dolls Trailer (1965)

27 January 1965

This semi-amusing sex (romance) comedy has four separate stories.

Les Bricoleurs Trailer (1963)

01 February 1963

Nicht mit uns Trailer (2000)

01 January 2000

Tausend Takte Übermut Trailer (1965)

10 September 1965

German music film set in a seaside hotel.

Bahía de Palma Trailer (1962)

22 October 1962

Mario starts working as a pianist in a party hall in Palma de Mallorca, where hi finds two girls, an old pupil, and Clara, who will get to conquer him.