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He's Worse than Me Trailer (1985)

21 February 1985

Two reckless friends Leonardo (Adriano Celentano) and Luciano (Renato Potstsetto) are just doing whatever they want and getting into endless alterations.

An Italian Miracle Trailer (1994)

21 December 1994

A film in 8 episodes. A government MP from An spends a wild night of passion with a parliamenatrian from the Refoundation party; Maria Carla lets herself be go during the screening of "Dances with Wolves"; Rosalia has just got married, but the same night in a night club, she is tempted by a soap opera star ; an accountant pretends to be ill just to get in good with a well meaning nurse; a family discovers that their daughter's fiancé is a transexual; a TV compere pretends to be friends with Kevin Kostner to win over a journalist who is mad for the actor; two friends exchange wild erotic tales with each other; a husband leaves his wife in the Seychelles in the arms of a "masseuse" and does not realise that it is actually a man.

Christmas Vacation '91 Trailer (1991)

20 December 1991

This coarse bedroom farce takes place at the St. Moritz ski resort over a Christmas vacation. Among the couples whose lives intersect are a widowed artist honeymooning with his second wife, a gay man traveling with his son and his lover (and hiding each from the other), a snobbish couple from Milan who have been forced to share a suite with a pair of crass Romans, etc.

Sing Sing Trailer (1983)

15 October 1983

Eduardo accidentally discovers that he is adopted. His real father is dying, but before his death he said that his mother was the "Queen of England", failing to clarify that this is the nickname of Italian prostitute.

Give Me Five Trailer (1980)

28 March 1980

Two episodes: A roman coachman fulfills the dream of his life and meets the Pope. A priest crazy about dancing wins the first prize in a contest.

Vacanze Di Natale Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

Stay as You Are Trailer (1978)

14 September 1978

A May-December romance. Roué Giulio Marengo, a Roman landscape architect unhappy in his marriage, meets Francesca, a young and beautiful Florentine, and then learns she might be his daughter.

I Love You Trailer (1986)

14 May 1986

In another indictment of the flaws of our so-called civilization, this satire from the late director Marco Ferreri features Christopher Lambert as Michel, a miserable man who has failed at love and finds solace in a mechanical key holder.

The New Monsters Today Trailer (2009)

27 March 2009

Christmas Vacation '90 Trailer (1990)

12 December 1990

The unusual adventures are expecting the guests a luxury hotel in St Moritz during Christmas vacation .

Nineties Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

Scandalously famous collections of short Italian comedies of the 90s! All that was "fun" in those years in Italy - all here! The sea of black humor on all issues - sex, politics, mafia, crime, TV.

Borotalco Trailer (1982)

22 January 1982

Sergio Benvenuti is a shy seller of contracts for a Roman company of music, but because of his character he cannot find even a customer, so he asks for help from a fellow named Nadia.

Soap and Water Trailer (1983)

27 October 1983

La madre-manager di una giovanissima modella americana cerca un precettore per la figlia che deve lavorare per tre mesi a Roma.

Plot of Fear Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976

Plot of Fear tells the story of a decadent weekend party full of orgies and drugs on the outskirts of Milan.

Manolesta Trailer (1981)

12 February 1981

Tolgo Il Disturbo Trailer (1990)

28 February 1990

Yuppies 2 Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

Continuano le avventure degli yuppies milanesi, sempre tirati a lucido, "di casa" in via Montenapoleone o al Nepentha, impeccabili nel vestire e "vincenti" sul lavoro, un po' meno nella vita privata.

Shut Up When You Speak! Trailer (1981)

02 September 1981

Giacomo has an idol: James Bond. When he dreams, he dreams of himself, his fabulous adventures, especially in Tunisia, and a beautiful wife, Belle.

Soundtrack Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

Un bugiardo in paradiso Trailer (1998)

04 December 1998

Nineties - Part II Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Second scandalously famous collections of short Italian comedies of the 90s! All that was "fun" in those years in Italy - all here! The sea of black humor on all issues - sex, politics, mafia, crime, TV.

The Day Santa Claus Cried Trailer (1978)

26 January 1978

Tearjerker about a estranged couple and their terminal ill son.

La fidanzata di papà Trailer (2008)

03 August 2008

The Haunted House Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982

George and Lucia are newlyweds and have also been lucky enough to find a home at a low price , very low .

Nuda proprietà vendesi Trailer (1998)

04 March 1998

Incompreso Trailer (2002)

25 April 2002

Cuori nella tormenta Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Quer pasticciaccio brutto de via Merulana Trailer (1983)

18 September 1983

Italian TV mini series about a homicide that occured in Rome during the 1920s. Based upon a novel by Carlo Emilio Gadda.

Belli freschi Trailer (1987)

19 November 1987

Taste of Life Trailer (1988)

30 December 1988

Elvio Battistini works as a ticket taker in the local cinema of the small town where he lives. He has a prosthesis in one leg, the result of an accident, but he tells anyone who will listen it is a war injury.

Il Corpo Della Ragassa Trailer (1979)

21 September 1979

Ulderico Quario hires as servant a very beautiful young woman Teresa. Ulderico decides to proceed like a new Pygmalion and he sets about teaching her the art of seductions.

Nobody's Perfect Trailer (1981)

01 January 1981

Guerrino, a prematurely widowed businessman, falls in love with Chantal, a former paratrooper in the German army who changed sex a few years earlier.

Bye Bye Baby Trailer (1988)

10 December 1988

Love triangles often provoke the most unpredictable behavior and "Bye Bye Baby" proves no exception to the rule.