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City Hunter Trailer (1993)

16 January 1993

Extremely silly comedy about a self-indulgent private investigator who winds up on a cruise ship full of rich patrons, gorgeous women, murderous terrorists, and scarce food.

The Lucky Guy Trailer (1998)

16 January 1998

"Lucky" Coffee Shop is well-known for its egg tarts and tea. Waiter Sui, named as Prince Egg Tart, attracts lots of girls but only loves Candy.

Lost in Hong Kong Trailer (2015)

25 September 2015

The film follows Xu Lai, a former artist whose dreams were dashed when the responsibilities of life set in.

A-1 Headline Trailer (2004)

09 September 2004

Ling is a fashion columnist whose ex-boyfriend died in a car accident. Debt collectors Fei and Ma are eyewitnesses on the scene and Fei is certain that Peter's death is more than just an accident.

Gen-Y Cops Trailer (2000)

17 November 2000

When terrorists abduct a deadly government attack robot, the call is put out to the Gen-Y Cops, an elite task force with lethal fighting skills.

You Shoot, I Shoot Trailer (2001)

16 August 2001

A hired killer pairs up with an amateur filmmaker to provide clients with satisfying footage of enemies getting whacked in this black comedy.

Hotel Deluxe Trailer (2013)

31 January 2013

Hotel Deluxe is basically "All's Well Ends Well 2013", with almost the same cast and crew, and some new faces added in.

Together Trailer (2013)

13 February 2013

Comprised by two love stories: The first story features Donnie Yen as a traffic cop, “Mr. Cool” who never smiles due to a rare disease.

L-O-V-E... Love Trailer (1997)

27 June 1997

A super rich tycoon (Michael To) decides to become an ordinary person and joins a sushi bar. He and )

The Saint of Gamblers Trailer (1995)

28 June 1995

Lui is the tyrant of gamblers in Macau. He puts forward a masked Saint Of Gamblers to cover for him in the casino.

Lawyer Lawyer Trailer (1997)

31 July 1997

Stephen Chow plays a selfish yet in some places kind hearted barrister who tricks his servant in doing things for his own benefit.

Love: Amoeba Style Trailer (1997)

27 February 1997

May Ching has three roommates. Tung is the career minded account executive with a business minded girlfriend.

The Banquet Trailer (1991)

30 November 1991

Developer Tsang Siu-Chi (Eric Tsang) and his agent (Jacky Cheung) have bought two of a group of four properties.

Break Up 100 Trailer (2014)

01 August 2014

Sam and Barbara have been together for eight years, but the key to their relationship is breaking up.

The Bounty Trailer (2012)

21 June 2012

Former cop Shifeng Cao (Chapman To), now unemployed and living off of his savings, learns of 400,000 HK bounty placed on a wanted criminal.

AV Trailer (2005)

19 March 2005

The story of four soon-to-be-college grads who are about to embark on the big adventure known as life.

Heavenly Mission Trailer (2006)

17 November 2006

Ekin Cheng plays Autumn Yip, a triad mobster who gets caught in Thailand and does 8 years in prison before being released.

Chinese Odyssey 2002 Trailer (2002)

06 February 2002

The Emperor (Chang Chen) is desperate for the free-spirited life of a wanderer, and tries to escape from the royal palace with his sister, the Princess (Faye Wong).

A Tale from the East Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

The Little Princess and her bodyguard Jiang travel 200 years from the past to the present day. They are relentlessly pursued by the evil General Shea Hai, a vicious and seemingly indestructible puffy-faced Blood Devil demon who wants to get his hands on a magical pearl the Little Princess possesses.

Feel 100% Trailer (1996)

20 July 1996

The main characters are two male best friends, Jerry and Hui Lok (許樂), and their female friend, Cherie.

First Love: Litter on the Breeze Trailer (1997)

13 December 1997

Faced with the task of creating a film about first love for his producer Wong Kar-wai, Kot ruminates on his creative process, his rejected ideas, and finally his two chosen tales, about a sleepwalker guided through the night by a lonely admirer, and a married convenience store owner faced with the vengeful first love that he once rejected.

Blind Romance Trailer (1996)

04 January 1996

Chingmy Yau is spunky girl-next-door Tung-Tung, who's hot for rich guy Wing (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai), but she can’t say two words to him thanks to one of those afflictions that occurs only in movies.

Half Twin Trailer (2006)

11 May 2006

A rich girl Lok Yan (Candy Lo) and her fiance Ko Fung (Carl Ng) come to Hong Kong to meet Yan's poor elder twin sister Lok Ling (also starring by (Candy Lo).

Run Trailer (1994)

17 September 1994

A lonely and broken hearted Hall (Leon Lai) settles down in a rustic cats town in Mexico hope to start a new life.

Super Fans Trailer (2007)

05 April 2007

Fantasia Trailer (2004)

15 January 2004

In Hong Kong 1969, private investigation agency boss Man is investigating an extra marital case. With his two employees, the smart looking idiot Kit and the Hong Kong Columbia Radio Night School graduate Pufferfish, he follows the target Lascar Row.

Juliet in Love Trailer (2000)

02 March 2000

Francis Ng is Jordan, a low level triad who finds himself strangely attracted to divorced restaurant hostess Juliet (Sandra Ng), who’s had a mastectomy and has since retreated into a shell.

Sat yip wong dai Trailer (1999)

01 January 1999

When a very successful CEO is fired for refusing to take bribes from his recently appointed corrupt boss, he finds himself homeless, as well as jobless, and finds himself reduced to begging on the streets in order to survive.

Bet To Basic Trailer (2006)

30 March 2006

Inferior gangster Flying Dragon has a bad habit of gambling, he thus offends the three great gamble deceivers.

Tricky King Trailer (1998)

02 August 1998

The trickster antics best displayed in Wong Jing’s Tricky Brains are back. Wong is once again responsible, as he casts Chan Bak-Cheung (Ah Leck) as the master of a prankster company who claims he was a student of the original Jing Goo, Stephen Chow.

Honesty Trailer (2003)

01 January 2003

Nice guy Moses, who cries whenever he tells a lie, is about to inherit a large fortune. Materialistic Didi learns of this and tries to win his affection.

Cocktail Trailer (2006)

19 January 2006

The melancholy Candy runs the Half Mortal, a trendy bar in Hong Kong. She hires Paul; Stella, a part-time employee who's a college student in psychology, trains him.

Mean Street Story Trailer (1995)

06 May 1995

Miu (Ekin Cheng) grew up on Temple Street, where most of the gangsters in the area gathered, but he never hung around with them.

Feel It Say It ... Trailer (2006)

25 June 2006

Several stories interweaves into this hilarious comedy. Eric Kot plays the genital dermatologist, Dr.

4 Faces of Eve Trailer (1996)

30 October 1996

Made up of four short stories. One, a lonely hooker can't stop crying whenever she has sex with her clients.

Feel 100% ... Once More Trailer (1996)

21 December 1996

Five popular screenidols star in this sequel to the original "Feel 100%." Finding their relationship on the rocks, Marco (Noodle) and Yen(Sammi) take a trip to Japan, hoping to rekindle their love.

Oh! My Three Guys.... Trailer (1994)

01 December 1994

Young gay men in Hong Kong. Hoi, Fa, and Kau have been friends since Third Form. They're now young gay adults sharing an apartment.

Bodyguards of the Last Governor Trailer (1996)

19 October 1996

A political satire on Hong Kong before the 1997 takeover. Two bodyguards compete to protect the governor while the governor romances the political women.

Feel 100% II Trailer (2001)

01 August 2001

After graduating from high school, classmates Jerry and Lok move into an apartment together for the freedom to best explore all the best that the world can offer them: women.

Sausalito Trailer (2000)

20 April 2000

Ella is a divorced Chinese American taxi driver who spends her days ferrying people around the roads of Sausalito, San Francisco.

Dragon Heat Trailer (1999)

07 August 1999

An "experimental" film by Eric Kot, featuring an all-star cameo cast.

Out of the Blue Trailer (1995)

27 October 1995

An experimental film directed by Jan Lam. It is reminiscent of Wong Kar-wai films like Fallen Angels and has an homage to Edward Yang's The Terrorizers.

In Between Trailer (1994)

06 January 1994

Three directors deliver three stories about the love of in the modern world.