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L'Embarras du choix Trailer (2017)

15 March 2017

Bienvenue à bord Trailer (2011)

17 October 2011

Isabelle (Valerie Lemercier), HR of a large cruise company, made the mistake of choosing her boss as a lover.

Barbecue Trailer (2014)

30 April 2014

On his 50th birthday, a man who's been watching his weight, health and temper all his life suffers a heart attack.

Back to Mom's Trailer (2016)

01 June 2016

At 40, Stephanie loses her job and is forced to move back in with her mother. She is welcomed with open arms to the joys of overheated apartment, Francis Cabrel playing on loop, Scrabble games and precious motherly advice on how to behave at the table and live her life.

Protect and Serve Trailer (2010)

03 January 2010

A pair of bumbling French cops team up to take on the underworld.

Incognito Trailer (2009)

28 April 2009

Poltergay Trailer (2006)

25 October 2006

Emma and Marc, two young lovers, move into a house which has been uninhabited for thirty years. What they don't know is that in 1979, in a cave under the house, there was a gay disco, which burned down when a foam machine short-circuited, and five bodies were never found.

Le voyage de monsieur Perrichon Trailer (2014)

27 December 2014