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Erika Marozsán (born August 3, 1972) is a Hungarian actress. Her first movie appearance was in the hit Hungarian film, "Béketárgyalás, avagy az évszázad csütörtökig tart" ("Peace negotiations – This century lasts until Thursday"), released in 1989. She has played primarily in Hungarian films, but also appeared on the HBO hit action thriller, Sniper 2, with Tom Berenger and Bokeem Woodbine, as well as Gloomy Sunday and One Day Crossing, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2001. Marozsán's father is Hungarian-Armenian, and her name is the Hungarian version of an Armenian family name. Marozsán's maternal grandmother, Amalia Pincesi (née Weisz), was Jewish. Marozsán graduated from the Budapest Academy of Drama and Film in 1995 and then became a member of Új Színház ("New Theatre") in Budapest. Her favorite actresses are Sophie Marceau and Famke Janssen.

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Sniper 2 Trailer (2002)

28 December 2002

Sergeant Thomas Beckett (Berenger) is back - and this time he has teamed up with death row inmate B.J.

Feast of Love Trailer (2007)

28 September 2007

A meditation on love and its various incarnations, set within a community of friends in Oregon. It is described as an exploration of the magical, mysterious and sometimes painful incarnations of love.

Ghetto Trailer (2006)

08 June 2006

In 1942, in Vilna, the Nazi annihilate 55,000 Jews and squeeze the 15,000 survivors in a seven blocks ghetto.

Jew Suss: Rise and Fall Trailer (2010)

23 September 2010

This intricate historical drama tells the story of actor Ferdinand Marian (Tobias Moretti), who is ordered by Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels to star in the 1940 anti-Semitic film Jew Suss.

Gloomy Sunday Trailer (1999)

21 October 1999

Budapest in the thirties. The restaurant owner Laszlo hires the pianist András to play in his restaurant.

Ivory Trailer (2010)

24 March 2010

Ivory centers on a young man's struggle between success versus fulfillment, and chronicles the exploration of an artist: the passion, dedication, and the immovable faith in one's talents.

Ich will Dich Trailer (2014)

02 July 2014

Marie is a successful designer and has a loving husband and two children. But fate offers more. When she meets the fiancée of their friend Dom, the two women fall for each other.

The Poet Trailer (2003)

20 November 2003

A contract killer sees a chance to free himself from a tragic past.

Styria Trailer (2013)

20 October 2013

Inspired by Carmilla, the seminal 19th Century vampire tale by Sheridan LeFanu, STYRIA plunges the viewer into a haunted world of fantasy and obsession.

Quellen des Lebens Trailer (2013)

14 February 2013

Story of an excentric family in post-war Germany.

Slave Trailer (2012)

12 November 2012

A clever policeman investigates the death of an abusive businessman who had recently divorced his wife and taken custody of their child by exposing her past as a porn star.

Better than nothing Trailer (2014)

21 August 2014

The 17-year-old Tom filled out a questionnaire for the Employment Agency at a vocational guidance office in his school.

Ein Sommer in Ungarn Trailer (2014)

13 April 2014

Schlaflos in Oldenburg Trailer (2010)

14 April 2010

Küss' niemals einen Flaschengeist Trailer (2003)

22 November 2003

Rokonok Trailer (2006)

09 February 2006

Young honest public official is sworn in after his predecessor had to leave due to a corruption scandal.

Die Katzenfrau Trailer (2002)

10 January 2002

Forward! Trailer (2002)

29 October 2002

The story setup in the late Communist era. Two school boys are best friends. One's Father is a mighty communist party secretary, the other is an anti-communist rebel.

Der Freund von früher Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

Rosehill Trailer (2003)

09 July 2003

The film shows the times directly before and after the revolution of 1956 in a Rosehill villa and its garden, guarded by the state security, from the perspective of a powerful party functionary’s children living there.

Der zehnte Sommer Trailer (2004)

14 July 2004

Vienna Trailer (2002)

12 September 2002

No overview found.

Der Bestseller - Wiener Blut Trailer (2004)

19 November 2004

Mein Vater, meine Frau und meine Geliebte Trailer (2004)

16 October 2004

Peace Conference, or the Century Lasts Until Thursday Trailer (1989)

23 August 1989

International peace conference, events take place in the last week of 1899. Tragic love story between Vilma, daughter of the Austro-Hungarian envoy/ambassador, and Zoluk of Montenegro.