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Long Day's Journey Into Night Trailer (1962)

09 October 1962

The film follows one day in the lives of the Tyrone family, each member is troubled and has been damaged by alcohol and/or drugs.

The Long Voyage Home Trailer (1940)

11 November 1940

The crew of the merchant ship Glencairn hope to survive a transatlantic crossing during World War II.

Strange Interlude Trailer (1932)

30 December 1932

After Nina Leeds finds out that insanity runs in her husband's family, she has a love child with a handsome doctor and lets her husband believes the child is his.

The Iceman Cometh Trailer (1973)

10 November 1973

Set in 1912, the entire film takes place inside a dive bar named The Last Chance Saloon, where its destitute patrons eagerly await the arrival of Hickey, who arrives annually and props everyone up with free drinks and spirited stories of his travels.

The Constant Woman Trailer (1933)

12 March 1933

A mother abandons her family only to become a crispy critter with her lover, the husband finds out about it AND that his son isn't really his, becomes an alcoholic, is being held prisoner in a speak-easy, is rescued by 'Beef', is sobered up, gets a good job, negotiates a great contract for lots 'o money, realizes he's in love, asks the girl to marry him, son returns from boarding school and freaks out when told this, runs off and joins the circus that now happens to catch fire.

Ah, Wilderness! Trailer (1935)

06 December 1935

Young idealist Richard Miller is selected as valedictorian for his New England high school commencement class of 1906 and intends to inject modern anti-capitalistic ideas into his speech.

Summer Holiday Trailer (1948)

15 April 1948

Danville, Connecticut at the turn of the century. Young Richard Miller lives in a middle-class neighborhood with his family.

Anna Christie Trailer (1930)

22 December 1930

A young woman reunites with the father she's not seen since early childhood, also falls in love with a sailor who wishes to marry her, and eventually is forced to reveal to each man about her dark past.

Long Day's Journey Into Night Trailer (1987)

12 April 1987

Adaptation of Eugene O'Neill's play.

Mourning Becomes Electra Trailer (1947)

19 November 1947

Near the end of the Civil War, the proud residents of Mannon Manor await the return of shipping tycoon Ezra Mannon and son Orin.

Lovely Child Trailer (1990)

04 May 1990

Maria is a sweet child. She hasn’t father and doesn’t like her mother. She has a boyfriend, A bandit who would like to change his class.

A Moon for the Misbegotten Trailer (1975)

27 May 1975

A televised version of the Broadway revival of Eugene O'Neill's play. A cynical, self-hating, failed actor visits the gruff, earthy daughter of his scheming Irish tenant farmer and passes a soul-baring night of guilt-ridden confessions, tenderness, and absolution.

Desire Under the Elms Trailer (1958)

12 March 1958

Ephraim Cabot is an old man of amazing vitality who loves his New England farm with a greedy passion.

Beyond the Horizon Trailer (1975)

02 January 1975

On a Connecticut farm, James Mayo's two sons both love Ruth Atkins. Robert, the younger son, is sickly and dreams of escaping to a romantic life somewhere "beyond the horizon.

The Iceman Cometh Trailer (1960)

14 November 1960

The chilling tale of a high-rolling gambler who changes his ways and is determind to help the drifters, alcoholics and prostitutes who have come to depend on his "generosity".

Long Day's Journey Into Night Trailer (1973)

10 March 1973

On a day in the summer of 1912, the family of retired matinee idol James Tyrone grapples with the morphine addiction of Tyrone's wife Mary, the illness of their youngest son Edmund, and the alcoholism and debauchery of the older son Jamie.

The Emperor Jones Trailer (1933)

29 September 1933

Unscrupulously ambitious ,Brutus Jones escapes from jail after killing a guard and, through bluff and bravado, finds himself the emperor of a Caribbean island.

Hughie Trailer (1984)

02 January 1984

Adaptation of the Eugene O'neill play.

The Hairy Ape Trailer (1944)

02 July 1944

Aboard ship, a spoiled woman (Susan Hayward) insults the brutish stoker (William Bendix) while watching him work.

Marco Millions Trailer (1939)

02 January 1939

Adaptation of the Eugene O'neill play.

Alle Reichtümer der Welt Trailer (1967)

02 January 1967

Adaptation of Eugene O'Neill's "More Stately Mansions".

In the Zone Trailer (1946)

02 January 1946

Adaptation of the Eugene O'neill play.

Der Strohhalm Trailer (1964)

02 January 1964

Adaptation of Eugene O'neill's "The Straw".

O Wildnis Trailer (1959)

11 August 1959

Anna Christie Trailer (1923)

24 November 1923

A troubled young woman comes to live with her estranged father on the New York waterfront. A tough sailor falls in love with her, sparking conflict between her father and her suitor.

All God's Chillun' Got Wings Trailer (1946)

02 January 1946

Adaptation of the Eugene O'neill play.

A Touch of the Poet Trailer (1974)

02 January 1974

Cornelius "Con" Melody is an Irish tavern keeper in New England who lives in reverence of his former days as a nobleman and decorated officer in the British army during the Napoleonic wars.