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Man of Marble Trailer (1977)

25 February 1977

Man of Marble is a Polish film about a student making a film about a bricklayer who was once idolized.

What Will You Do When You Catch Me? Trailer (1978)

08 December 1978

Charon Trailer (2015)

15 September 2015

A young hospital worker meets a patient awaiting abortion procedure. Their childhood stripped away from them too early, the two form a bond which might help them survive.

Dzieci i ryby Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

Random Love Story Trailer (1974)

01 January 1974

This 50-minutes long TV production, Wiszniewski's only feature film, is the story of a young worker, who is given a flat by his union commission on condition that he gets married.

Case Unknown Trailer (2009)

04 September 2009

An arrogant medical man discovers there's more to his new patient than he imagined in this drama from Polish filmmaker Feliks Falk.

Kołysanka Trailer (2010)

12 February 2010

Lullaby is a menacing story full of humor and suspense from the master of the genre, Juliusz Machulski.

The Girls of Nowolipki Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

Projekt dziecko, czyli ojciec potrzebny od zaraz Trailer (2010)

06 September 2010

Kup teraz Trailer (2008)

16 July 2008

Art of Loving Trailer (1989)

22 May 1989

Prior to her wedding a nineteen years old Anna can't stop wondering - whether she made the right choice? So she decides to seek the advice of a well-known sexologist.

Inner Life Trailer (1987)

28 August 1987

The life of a grumpy 40-year-old man living with his wife in a high-rise block. Every day is like the other - quarrel over dinner, garbage, neighbours, elevators, lost socks.

Upside Down Trailer (1983)

01 September 1983

The Wedding Trailer (1973)

09 January 1973

Set at the turn of the century, the story concerns a Polish poet living in Cracow who has decided to marry a peasant girl.