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Full Speed Trailer (2016)

11 November 2016

A family together with their grandpa go on a vacation, when their new car won't stop and it nearly escapes crashing into a hundred cars.

Trouble at Timpetill Trailer (2008)

17 December 2008

The children of a small European mountain village end up being its only residents, soon after the adults cannot take their behavior any longer.

In and Out Trailer (2017)

20 September 2017

Two couples, Pierre and Aimée, Éric and Pénélope, all share four years of friendship without cloud.

La Bostella Trailer (2000)

07 June 2000

Barnie's Minor Annoyances Trailer (2001)

21 February 2001

Barnie lives in Calais but works in London. Everyday, he takes the Eurostar to go to his office. Although he is married to Lucie, Barnie has two lovers in London: Margot, a young and fresh advertising executive, and Mark, a hot 35 years old auctioneer.

L'Art (délicat) de la séduction Trailer (2001)

21 March 2001

The film follows Etienne, a 40-year-old car designer, who takes time off from work to study sexual mastery from a Zen master and several prostitutes, in the hopes of having the sexual skill to impress Laure.

Cravate club Trailer (2002)

03 July 2002

Two architects and best friends have a difficult time sharing an office and their troubled private lives.

La porte à côté Trailer (2014)

31 January 2014

She is a psychiatrist. He sells yogurts. They are neighbors of level, they hate each other cordially, and like millions of singles lost in the city, they furtively explore the dating sites in search of love - someone who would be just at the antipodes of this infernal character who saw the door next to it.