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Compadres Trailer (2016)

31 March 2016

A disgruntled Mexican cop is forced to work with a teenage hacker to hunt down the criminals who killed his wife, and dismantle their operation.

Two Embraces Trailer (2007)

26 May 2007

Mexican director Enrique Begne's drama Two Embraces (AKA Dos Abrazos, 2007) follows four lonely and disenfranchised urbanites in contemporary Mexico City: a preteen boy under tremendous emotional strain, the pretty cashier with whom he is infatuated, an enraged and embittered cabbie, and the estranged daughter of one of his fares.

Open Field Trailer (2012)

22 July 2012

Open Field is a documentary about Gabriel Orozco, a movie that chronologically records 10 years of the life and work of the artist in ten sequences.

About the Living Trailer (2011)

20 September 2011

A Mexican upper-class family suffers a great loss. After a while everyone seems to go on with their lives.

Grandpa Cheno and Other Stories Trailer (1995)

08 July 1995

A young man sets out to the small town where his grandfather once lived to learn the story behind his death.

The edge of the earth Trailer (1995)

31 May 1995

In a small town where nothing ever happens, the inhabitants learn about a place at the edge of the earth where money and women are abundant.