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Instruktør. Født 29/1 1933, død 6/12 2008 - 75 år gammel. Finn Henriksen was born on January 29, 1933 in Randers, Denmark. He was a director and editor, known for Forelsket i København (1960), Jydekompagniet (1988) and Julefrokosten (1976). He died on December 6, 2008 in Denmark.

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Babette's Feast Trailer (1987)

28 August 1987

The guest, a General at the Swedish court, is not related to the sister, but, as a callow young man, was in love with her, but chose his military career over happiness with her.

Bedside Dentist Trailer (1971)

03 September 1971

Thomas, a naive young dental student, faces a rather difficult challenge. His millionaire aunt, a bit of a sex nut, will give both him and his dental school millions if he can prove that he is sexually able and skillful.

Bedside Head Trailer (1972)

03 March 1972

The young headmaster of a boy's boarding school has decided that due to the virility of his young charges, they are a sort of national treasure.

Bedside Highway Trailer (1972)

15 September 1972

In this Danish sex comedy, precisely opposite goals lead a young official of the Department of Roads and Traffic and all the women of the local village to end up in the sack.

Girls at Arms Trailer (1975)

20 August 1975

The jut-nuts part III Trailer (1989)

15 December 1989

Jacob and Finn run their low-budget private-eye business out of an auto salvage yard. Usually they are woefully incompetent, and on occasion they are inventive, like the time they find a boat captain's dentures.

The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders Trailer (1979)

26 December 1979

Egon plans to exploit knowledge gained during his latest term of incarceration. By stealing the unmanipulated financial records of DanInvest he obtains the majority of the stocks in the department store Magasin du Nord, just in time for their closing sale.

Bussen Trailer (1963)

04 October 1963

The protagonist is a jovial bus driver, well beloved by his passengers, essentially the whole community around him.

Fængslende feriedage Trailer (1978)

13 October 1978

Fængslende feriedage is a 1978 Danish family film directed by Finn Henriksen and starring Jørgen Ryg.

It's Nifty in the Navy Trailer (1965)

03 September 1965

It's Nifty in the Navy

Far Laver Sovsen Trailer (1967)

26 December 1967

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Girls at Sea Trailer (1977)

16 September 1977

No overview found.

Forelsket i København Trailer (1960)

04 November 1960

Forelsket i København is a 1960 Danish romance film directed by Finn Henriksen and starring Siw Malmkvist.

Going for Broke Trailer (1977)

18 February 1977

Three out of work actors breaks into a bank through the toilet of a railroad station.

Wife on vacation Trailer (1967)

28 July 1967

Allan Thorsen er træt af sin kone, men han har svært ved at få sagt at han vil skilles. Derfor arrangerer han en skiferie, hvor hun skal blive forelsket i en anden mand, således at han kan slippe af med hende uden at han selv skal gøre noget.

April Trailer (1963)

02 August 1963

Prinsesse for en dag Trailer (1962)

16 March 1962

17 -year-old May will by crook career on " the boards " - she will show that she can sing and have talent - and in its endeavors sticking her " a spoke in the wheel" for many.

Pigen og drømmeslottet Trailer (1974)

20 September 1974

Siden hun var barn, har pigen Tine drømt om det smukke slot, hendes elskede tante er nabo til. Hun forelsker sig også i slottets unge ejer, Karsten, og han gengælder hendes følelser, selvom han længe har sørget over tabet af en kæreste.

The Girl and the Viscount Trailer (1966)

25 November 1966

The Girl and the Viscount

The Jut-Nuts I Trailer (1988)

26 December 1988

The Jut-Nuts I

Helle for Lykke Trailer (1969)

27 June 1969

Girls at Arms 2 Trailer (1976)

11 October 1976

No overview found.

Julefrokosten Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976

About the traditional celebration at Christmas.

Fætrene på Torndal Trailer (1973)

07 September 1973

Werner (William Rosenberg) is an inspector for group of farmes called Digeskov. Left alone by Digeskovs owner, Werner is tricking small neighboring farmes out of there land.

Casanova Trailer (1990)

07 December 1990

Farcial action fun with Bertil and Hugo, who do menial jobs at a big city hotel. Bertil is about to marry and has put money aside for his bride's morning gift.

Høfeber Trailer (1991)

20 December 1991

A confrontational and friendly judge gets in trouble when his wife is trying to arouse his jealousy of her long-term relationship with their mutual friend Chief Klausen.