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A Matter of Heart Trailer (2009)

17 April 2009

Garage owner Angelo and big-time film producer Alberto find themselves occupying neighbouring beds in a Rome hospital after suffering heart attacks.

Like Crazy Trailer (2016)

17 May 2016

Beatrice is a blabbermouth and a so-called billionaire countess who likes to believe she’s in intimacy with world leaders.

Il grande cocomero Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

An epileptic 12-year-old girl, Pippi, is hospitalized in the psychiatric ward instead of the neurological ward, due to an administration error.

Mignon Has Left Trailer (1988)

20 October 1988

Mignon is a French teenager from a wealthy family who is forced to move in with her much poorer Italian relatives when her own family falls apart.

Il nome del figlio Trailer (2015)

22 January 2015

What Is to Be Done? Trailer (1979)

07 February 1979

Italian TV mini series

Flying Lessons Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

A pair of teenage classmates known as "Chicken" and "Curry" for the fact that they are virtually inseparable attempt to cover for the fact that they both failed their high school finals by claiming that "Curry" is in the midst of an identity crisis that can only be solved by returning to his homeland of India with his Jewish best friend.

Parole Povere Trailer (2013)

01 January 2013

La passione di Laura Trailer (2011)

29 October 2011

Shooting the Moon Trailer (1998)

04 September 1998

Francesca Archibugi directed this Italian drama set in Rome where 14-year-old Siddhartha (Niccolo Senni) is forced to deal with his heroin-addicted mother Silvia (Valeria Golina).

Con gli occhi chiusi Trailer (1995)

12 July 1995

Elective Affinities Trailer (1978)

03 October 1978

Adaptation of Goethe's novel.

Tomorrow Trailer (2001)

26 January 2001

This ensemble drama details the friendships that grow between survivors of the 1997 Umbria earthquake.

Vampirismus Trailer (1982)

16 January 1982

Towards Evening Trailer (1990)

21 December 1990

Professor Ludovico Bruschi is an elderly Communist whose desire is that of living in an orderly and socially just State.

La cintura Trailer (1989)

22 April 1989