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The Blacks Trailer (2009)

19 July 2009

War. A city under the siege. The truce has been recently signed, and the squad known as the 'Blacks', who used to do the dirty jobs, needs to be disbanded.

Goran Trailer (2016)

02 August 2016

Goran just wants to drive his taxi and take care of his blind wife Lina. But people close to him have their own agendas and dreams which threaten his carefree existence.

Metastases Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

Eliciting images of cancer, this drama explores the illnesses that plague modern Croatia. Four young junkies in Zagreb maturing in the wake of war reflect the petty hatreds, violence, prejudices and mood hanging over the country like a disease that spreads with no cure in sight.

Cure: The Life of Another Trailer (2014)

16 August 2014

Teens Linda and Eta are inseparable friends, though they have plenty of disagreements, but one horrific argument has unexpected consequences.

Koko and the Ghosts Trailer (2011)

16 July 2011

Young Koko has just moved with his parents from his idyllic countryside home to a big city. There, with the help of his new friends and a neighbour he investigates the mysterious case of a dead old man who used to live in the flat he has just moved into.

Queen of the Night Trailer (2001)

15 November 2001

The story takes place in Osijek in 1968. Seventeen-year-old Tomo is the greatest hope the town of Osijek has for winning the Junior Cup of Yugoslavia.

Behind the Glass Trailer (2008)

22 July 2008

Through a period of five days, the story follows intertwined characters who live in false serenity and rather chaotic general order.

Mother of Asphalt Trailer (2010)

21 July 2010

An abused wife leaves her husband, takes her child away and goes to live in a car.

All for Free Trailer (2006)

01 December 2006

A 30 year old, carefree man who lives off his parents' inheritance is untouched by war that affected most of his friends, but only until one of his friends died.

Sex Drink and Bloodshed Trailer (2004)

25 November 2004

Three loosely connected stories about football fans in Zagreb, Croatia, during the day of the country's biggest derby between Zagreb's GNK Dinamo and Split's NK Hajduk.

Lopovi prve klase Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

A story involving a group of traveling actors who perform at an experimental prison where the thieves have first class comforts provided to them by a reformist warden.