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Murder-Set-Pieces Trailer (2004)

23 December 2004

Set against Sin City, Las Vegas, "Murder-Set-Pieces" tells the story of a fashion photographer whose vocation is murder - a voyeuristic nightmare of blood, sex and brutality.

August Underground's Mordum Trailer (2003)

01 January 2003

Two deranged friends bring along another guy to go on a random murder rampage. They kidnapped lesbian lovers, couples and they torture them in any way that the viewer can imagine.

August Underground's Penance Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

"August Underground's Penance" is basically the personal home video of two sociopathic killers on murder spree.

Maskhead Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

MASKHEAD tells the depraved tale of Syl and Maddie, a lesbian couple who produce extreme fetish and dark specialty movies.

Murder Collection V.1 Trailer (2009)

01 May 2009

An anonymous web presenter offers up a collection of death themed segments presented in a shockumentary style a la Faces of Death.

The Redsin Tower Trailer (2006)

31 March 2006

A teen girl's psychotic ex-boyfriend follows her friends to Redsin Tower, where a night of partying quickly becomes a fight for their very lives.

August Underground Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

Imagine walking down the street and finding an unmarked VHS tape. Curiosity peaked, you take it home and pop it in.

Sella Turcica Trailer (2010)

13 October 2010

A paralyzed soldier returns from war to his family in worse shape than anyone at home could imagine.

Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector Trailer (2013)

05 April 2013

A documentary capturing the modern day VHS culture and VHS collectors.