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Grießnockerlaffäre Trailer (2017)

03 August 2017

In the morning after a wild marriage between two police officers Franz Eberhofer (Sebastian Bezzel) finds himself woken from heavy-armed special forces, who arrest him because of suspected murder.

Dampfnudelblues Trailer (2013)

31 July 2013

Franz, the local police officer in a tiny bavarian village has to investigate in a case involving a disliked school principal who commited suicide?

Mordkommission Königswinkel Trailer (2017)

10 July 2017

Pig Head al Dente Trailer (2016)

11 August 2016

Province policeman Franz Eberhofer is in a real trouble. Susi, love of his life has fled to Italy because Franz has crossed the line.

Matula: Der Schatten des Berges Trailer (2018)

30 March 2018

Private detective Josef Matula is with his usual companion, the dog Dr. med. Renz, on the way to Italy, when his rickety minibus engine fails.

Herzblut. Ein Kluftingerkrimi Trailer (2016)

01 October 2016

Die Frau aus dem Moor Trailer (2014)

30 June 2014

Matthias and Nelly live in a village in the Bavarian Alpine foothills. The couple could not be more different.

Mutter reicht's jetzt Trailer (2016)

28 November 2016

Schwarzach 23 - Und die Hand des Todes Trailer (2015)

24 October 2015

Erntedank. Ein Allgäu-Krimi Trailer (2009)

23 September 2009