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Belle Époque Trailer (1992)

04 December 1992

In 1931, a young soldier deserts from the army and falls into a country farm, where he is welcomed by the owner due to his political ideas.

Our Lovers Trailer (2016)

08 February 2016

Carlos is a man who goes to a coffee shop-library to take a cup, where Irene is reading a book. Not a reason for it, Irene close to Carlos and talks with him, starting a friendship with a little rules: no pasts, no birth names, no modern ways to contact between them (as Internet or similar), and finally not falling in love each other.

Eliminators Trailer (1986)

31 January 1986

A former pilot rebels against his creator, teaming up with the scientist responsible for android technology, her pet robot Spot, a rough-and-tumble riverboat guide, and a martial arts warrior.

Two Much Trailer (1996)

14 February 1996

A young gallerist is in love with two sisters at the same time. In order to solve the problem he decides to invent his own twin-brother.

Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella Trailer (2001)

30 March 2001

For this second film in the cult comedy series Torrente takes our fat police officer from Madrid to Marbella in Spain to investigate a villain’s plot to destroy the city with a missile.

Dawn Breaks, Which Is No Small Thing Trailer (1989)

17 January 1989

Theodore, a young Spanish engineer who works as a professor at the University of Oklahoma, returned to Spain to enjoy a sabbatical year.

Midsummer Dream Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

Based on William Shakespeare's novel.

Moscow Gold Trailer (2003)

28 March 2003

In an odd destiny coincidence and hospital employee reiceives some important and confident information from a dying old man.

Desde que amanece apetece Trailer (2006)

21 July 2006

Voyage to Nowhere Trailer (1986)

15 October 1986

The Iniesta-Galván family is a theatre company that goes from town to town offering its performances.

On Earth as It Is in Heaven Trailer (1995)

13 November 1995

Matacanes dies and goes to heaven just to discover that it was not as he expected, and everyone there is revolutionized lately.

Dollar Mambo Trailer (1993)

02 January 1993

During the American invasion of Panama to oust General Noriega, a mambo dancer is raped by American soldiers.

Ekipo Ja Trailer (2007)

19 January 2007

The Ekipo Ja, a group of sane gypsies led by the gypsy Juan De Dios, is in possession, unknowingly, of a sacred seal able to make wishes to him who possesses it.

Dreaming of Julia Trailer (2003)

24 October 2003

The year is 1958, and in Holguín, Cuba, a boy's world is about to change forever.

Ay, Carmela! Trailer (1990)

16 March 1990

Paulino and Carmela are husband and wife, troubadours touring the countryside during the Spanish Civil War.

1:58 Trailer (2014)

03 October 2014

Las bicicletas son para el verano Trailer (1984)

20 January 1984

Tierno verano de lujurias y azoteas Trailer (1992)

28 October 1992

Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health Trailer (1997)

10 January 1997

A woman seduces a hotel janitor to gain access to the famous musicians coming into town.

A Time for Defiance Trailer (1998)

18 December 1998

After the Spanish Civil War breaks out, the Prado Museum is being evacuated. One of the guards finds a painting by the master, Goya, and takes it to prevent damage to the work of art.

The Stone Raft Trailer (2002)

19 September 2002

An inexplicable crack in the Pyrenees Mountains provokes excitement and scientific curiosity. As the geological fracture deepens and widens, the European community begins to disassociate itself from the calamity, and panic ensues among tourists and residents attempting to escape.

Los peores años de nuestra vida Trailer (1994)

09 September 1994

Alberto lives with his parents and his brother Roberto, quite attractive, who tells him there are lots of girls.

Los hombres siempre mienten Trailer (1995)

03 February 1995

The Dumbfounded King Trailer (1991)

01 November 1991

Spain, under Philip IV (1621-1665). The film is based on a novel by Gonzalo Torrente Ballester. The King (Gabino Diego) is stunned to see the naked body of Marfisa (Laura del Sol), the most beautiful prostitute of the town and Court.

The Longest Night Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

Fifteen years after the plot a lawyer and a military ex-attorney meet and recall the intense days of 1975 when both participated in the decission of war or peace.

El rollo de septiembre Trailer (1985)

28 February 1985