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The Fortress Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

A World War II-style "war game" setting the wealthy customers against skilled mercenaries goes awry when the simulated war gets too real.

Do not Lean out of the Window Trailer (1978)

05 June 1978

At the station of Almamellék the semaphore turns red unexpectedly and the conductor shows a stowaway - with no money nor ticket - off the train.

The Victim Trailer (1979)

05 September 1979

The Investigator, busy with processing the clues to a number of rapes and murders committed in the same way, tries to catch the murderer, that is to find the would-be victim first and then to identify the murderer before he could strike again.

Brats Trailer (1991)

06 September 1991

1989 in Budapest. A gang of teenagers is roaming about in the city. They are hanging around, longing away from here, their parents do not care about them.