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April Maadhathil Trailer (2002)

29 November 2002

Kathir comes from a poor family and aspires to study hard and start earning. After turning down many girls, he falls for Shweta, a rich girl, but both do not confess their feelings to each other.

Manadhai Thirudivittai Trailer (2001)

13 November 2001

Deva is a music college student who falls in love with fellow student Shruthi. After several songs and sentimental sequences, she too reciprocates his love.

Shree Trailer (2002)

19 July 2002

Shree is a 2002 Tamil action film directed by Pushpavasagan which stars Suriya in the title role, with Shrutika and Gayatri Jayaraman in supporting roles.

Vaseegara Trailer (2003)

15 January 2003

Vaseegara - man who attracts. Vijay lives upto the title in this Shots

Njaan Salperu Raman Kutty Trailer (2004)

29 April 2004

Njaan Salperu Raman Kutty (2004) Ramankutty (Jayaram), a teacher in the village school is known as "salperu" (i.

Aaduthu Paaduthu Trailer (2002)

04 April 2002

Two wayward friends live in a bus that is converted into a mobile home. They take a loan and plan to convert the bus into a mobile canteen.