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The Man Who Knew Too Much Trailer (1934)

30 November 1934

A man and his wife receive a clue to an imminent assassination attempt, only to learn that their daughter has been kidnapped to keep them quiet.

Jamaica Inn Trailer (1939)

12 May 1939

In Cornwall, around 1800, a young woman discovers that she's living near a gang of criminals who arrange shipwrecks for profit.

Young and Innocent Trailer (1937)

01 November 1937

Derrick De Marney finds himself in a 39 Steps situation when he is wrongly accused of murder. While a fugitive from the law, De Marney is helped by heroine Nova Pilbeam, who three years earlier had played the adolescent kidnap victim in Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Uncle Silas Trailer (1947)

08 October 1947

Victorian gothic melodrama based on the novel by Sheridan Le Fanu from a screenplay adapted by Aldwych farceur Ben Travers.

Lorna Doone Trailer (1934)

09 December 1934

High drama, set in the English moorland of the 1600's. John Ridd wants revenge on the criminal Doone family, but falls in love with the daughter of the family, Lorna.

For Them That Trespass Trailer (1949)

21 April 1949

In this drama, a frustrated upper-class writer decides that he will find real inspiration by examining his subjects first-hand.

Q Planes Trailer (1939)

20 June 1939

An eccentric Scotland Yard inspector (Ralph Richardson) thinks something beamed from a spy ship is dropping planes.

Strange Boarders Trailer (1938)

01 May 1938

Pre-war intelligence man Tommy Blythe interrupts his honeymoon to investigate the discovery of vital Air Ministry blueprints on a woman killed in a London road accident.

The Impassive Footman Trailer (1932)

01 July 1932

A woman finds brief respite from the selfishness of her husband with a young doctor, and their mutual attraction is rekindled by a chance meeting at a concert.

Whom the Gods Love: The Original Story of Mozart and His Wife Trailer (1936)

22 February 1936

Mozart biopic.

After the Ball Trailer (1932)

01 December 1932

The wife of a diplomat in Geneva pretends to be a maid in order to continue her flirting with a handsome young courier.

Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror Trailer (1938)

01 January 1938

Sleuth Sexton Blake (George Curzon) trails "The Snake" and his gang of crooks.

The White Angel Trailer (1936)

02 January 1936

n the midst of the bloody battles of the Crimean War, English heroine Florence Nightingale (Kay Francis) proves to be an ever-dedicated nurse as she does whatever she can to provide the best possible treatment for her ailing patients.

Her First Affaire Trailer (1932)

07 December 1932

A headstrong young girl falls completely for a writer of trashy novels, and insinuates herself into his household, all to the chagrin of her erstwhile fiancé.

The Scotland Yard Mystery Trailer (1934)

01 January 1934

A doctor uses his unique medical knowledge to mastermind a lucrative life-insurance scam; in a rare film role, legendary thespian Gerald du Maurier stars as the Metropolitan Police Commissioner who sets out to uncover the secret of five empty coffins and catch the villainous swine responsible for such depravities.