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It All Starts Today Trailer (1999)

12 March 1999

Set in a forlorn mining town near Valencienne in the north of France, the story is about one man's struggle to bring life to his once prosperous village and its inhabitants.

Les rustres Trailer (2018)

01 June 2018

La Dame de chez Maxim (théâtre) Trailer (1981)

12 February 1981

Dom Juan & Sganarelle Trailer (2015)

09 August 2015

Woman hero Dom Juan lives a life full of excesses and love affairs. When he seduces the nun Elvire, but shows no interest in her a short time later, he gets to deal with her vengeful brothers.

Que d'amour ! Trailer (2013)

16 August 2013

Silvia’s father grants her permission to meet Dorante, the man she’s promised to in marriage, by pretending to be her servant Lisette, who in turn will play the role of her mistress.

Le misanthrope (théâtre) Trailer (1977)

13 September 1977

La voleuse de Saint-Lubin Trailer (2001)

09 November 2001

Françoise Barnier, the film's heroine, is a mother. One day, she stole something. She was in dire straits but no more so than usual.