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The Great War Trailer (1959)

28 October 1959

Italy, 1916. Oreste Jacovacci and Giovanni Busacca are called, as all the Italian youths, to serve the army in the WWI.

The Big Gundown Trailer (1966)

29 November 1966

Unofficial lawman John Corbett hunts down Cuchillo Sanchez, a Mexican peasant accused of raping and killing a 12-year-old girl.

Under Ten Flags Trailer (1960)

15 September 1960

"Under Ten Flags" is a WWII movie loosely based on the true story of the German navy commerce raider Atlantis, a converted Auxilliary Cruiser, and her Captain Bernhard Rogge.

Ludwig Trailer (1973)

18 January 1973

A history of Ludwig, king of Bavaria, from his crowning in 1864 until his death in 1886.

Adios Sabata Trailer (1970)

30 September 1970

Set in Mexico under the rule of Emperor Maximilian I, Sabata is hired by the guerrilla leader Señor Ocaño to steal a wagonload of gold from the Austrian army.

Caltiki, the Immortal Monster Trailer (1959)

07 August 1959

Academic researchers are chased by a nuclear-hot specimen of ancient Mayan blob.

Professionals for a Massacre Trailer (1967)

07 December 1967

Major Lloyd, having stolen the cargo of gold needed to purchase weapons, is heading towards the Mexican border.

Gatling Gun Trailer (1968)

13 December 1968

This dramatization of the origin of Dr. Gatling's self-named invention stands tall in the annals of the Old West.

The Battle of El Alamein Trailer (1969)

01 January 1969

This movie's opening prologue states: "June 1942. As Rommel swept toward the Nile, the fall of Egypt and the capture of the Suez Canal seemed inevitable.

A Sword to Brando Trailer (1970)

14 May 1970

Secret Agent Super Dragon Trailer (1966)

17 February 1966

A series of murders in Michigan lead an American secret agent to Amsterdam, where he uncovers a plot to imperil the world with a potent new drug.

The Road to Fort Alamo Trailer (1964)

24 October 1964

A lone rider comes across a dying soldier, the victim of an Indian attack, who gives him a paper authorizing the payment of $150,000 to the U.

Legion of the Damned Trailer (1969)

11 August 1969

A British Colonel is angry with his superiors after his entire platoon is slaughtered by the Germans in what he saw as a suicide mission.

Two Faces of the Dollar Trailer (1967)

28 December 1967

A teacher, a gunman, an ex-Colonel and a beautiful girl decide to steal a big load of gold stored in Fort Henderson.

The Battle of the Damned Trailer (1969)

17 April 1969

A small band of misfit American commandos are assigned to head across the North African desert to blow up a huge German fuel depot.

One More to Hell Trailer (1968)

17 August 1968

Ursus in the Valley of the Lions Trailer (1961)

21 December 1961

Bodybuilder Ed Fury stars as the legendary Ursus in this above-average sword-and-sandal adventure from veteran director Carlo Campogalliani.