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Werner - Beinhart! Trailer (1990)

29 November 1990

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Residual Risk Trailer (2011)

18 January 2011

Nuclear security expert Katja Wernecke (Ulrike Folkerts) helps cover up a fire in the German nuclear reactor she works in, before the government takes a decision on extending the usage license for it.

Neben der Spur - Dein Wille geschehe Trailer (2017)

06 February 2017

Schulz & Schulz II: Aller Anfang ist schwer Trailer (1991)

31 March 1991

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Das Mädchen aus dem Totenmoor Trailer (2016)

06 January 2016

Schulz & Schulz IV: Neue Welten, alte Lasten Trailer (1992)

27 December 1992

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Engel unter Wasser - Ein Nordseekrimi Trailer (2015)

28 September 2015

Ellas Entscheidung Trailer (2016)

30 May 2016

Ein Sommer in Elsass Trailer (2012)

15 April 2012

Katie Fforde - Harriets Traum Trailer (2011)

20 February 2011

Harriet Devonshire left school because of her unwed pregnancy and still lives with her dad Ronald. Only when he arranges for her teenage son Matthew to be enrolled in the same boarding school without consulting her, she leaves, only to find he obtains custody and she stands no chance of contesting it without a steady job.

Guppies zum Tee Trailer (1997)

15 December 1997

A drama directed by Stephan Meyer.

Schutzengel gesucht Trailer (2001)

12 December 2001

Schulz & Schulz Trailer (1989)

09 December 1989

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