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More Than a Miracle Trailer (1967)

19 October 1967

A fairy tale of the misadventures of a beautiful but temperamental Neapolitan peasant, Isabella, when she meets the ill- tempered Spanish Prince Rodrigo Ferrante y Davalos.

The Monk of Monza Trailer (1963)

01 December 1963

Pasquale takes all of his 12 children and runs away from Monza, looking for a house of a wealthy and generous awning.

The Gold of Naples Trailer (1954)

03 December 1954

Tribute to Naples, where director De Sica spent his first years, this is a collection of 6 Napolitean episodes : a clown exploited by a gangster ; an inconstant pizza seller (Sofia) loosing her husband's ring ; the funeral of a dead child ; the gambler Count Prospero B.

La Banda degli Onesti Trailer (1956)

01 January 1956

Commando Leopard Trailer (1985)

24 October 1985

A cruel dictator rules a Latin American state. Corruption, brutality and exploitation are present every day.

Adolescence pervertie Trailer (1974)

15 March 1974

Mirella, a sultry middle-aged maths teacher, falls in love with a student, Alain. But her bourgeois upbringing comes in the way of this fantasy love, until she finds out that her best friend had sex with the young man.

Mr. Superinvisible Trailer (1970)

17 September 1970

A superhero becomes invisible after he swallows an Indian potion.

Death Rage Trailer (1976)

22 October 1976

A professional killer is lured into a deadly double-cross when he agrees to assassinate a Mafia kingpin.

Vediamoci chiaro Trailer (1984)

22 May 1984

Special Killers Trailer (1973)

11 August 1973

Sandro, a detective, finds his wife strangled. His girl-friend Tiffany, who works as photographer, makes a "Blow up" from a photo, what Sandro finds beside the victim.

The Honorable with His Lover under the Bed Trailer (1981)

13 August 1981

An unemployed teacher asks for help from her lover, an MP, and finds out that he is married.

La compagna di banco Trailer (1977)

12 August 1977

Variety Lights Trailer (1950)

06 December 1950

A beautiful and ambitious young woman joins a traveling troupe of third-rate vaudevillians and inadvertently causes jealousy and emotional crises.

The Art of Getting Along Trailer (1954)

28 December 1954

The Art of Getting Along (Italian: L'arte di arrangiarsi) is a 1954 comedy film directed by Luigi Zai

La settimana bianca Trailer (1980)

03 September 1980

The Machine That Kills Bad People Trailer (1952)

14 May 1952

A demon bestows on a self-righteous working photographer's camera the power to smite from the Earth "evil-doers".

O.K. Nerone Trailer (1951)

20 November 1951

No problem Trailer (2008)

10 October 2008

Totò Story Trailer (1968)

01 January 1968

Assunta Spina Trailer (1948)

10 March 1948

Il re di poggioreale Trailer (1961)

16 September 1961

L'inafferrabile 12 Trailer (1950)

02 September 1950

Totò contro il Pirata Nero Trailer (1964)

27 March 1964

La supplente Trailer (1975)

09 October 1975

Agent X-77 Orders to Kill Trailer (1966)

01 January 1966

A government agent tries to prevent foreign spies from obtaining a scientist's formula for a solid-rocket-fuel.

Totò - Il medico dei pazzi Trailer (1954)

13 September 1954

I due compari Trailer (1955)

03 July 1955

Suonno d'ammore Trailer (1955)

17 July 1955

Prima di sera Trailer (1954)

20 October 1954

The Thieves Trailer (1959)

27 June 1959

An Italo-American mobster is sent back to Naples from the States. He moves to Italy with all his illegal proceeds.

La rossa Trailer (1955)

15 September 1955

La prima notte Trailer (1959)

27 February 1959

Ursus in the Valley of the Lions Trailer (1961)

21 December 1961

Bodybuilder Ed Fury stars as the legendary Ursus in this above-average sword-and-sandal adventure from veteran director Carlo Campogalliani.

My Pleasure Is Your Pleasure Trailer (1973)

14 April 1973

In '500 a noble Tuscan gives a banquet in which they are told bawdy stories: a cardinal tells dirty stories during a banquet that turns into a purge; a marquise is induced into temptation by an abbot; a tintora has carnal relations with a brother, and the two have a son; prisoner of Charles V , Francis I of France has a relationship with two Spanish and get an acquittal advance by the Pope; a group of cardinals contain a prostitute during a council; the Marquis Cavalcanti, rejected by the bride, vents his cravings with a syphilitic prostitute.

Il corazziere Trailer (1960)

21 December 1960

I terribili sette (I cagasotto) Trailer (1963)

04 July 1963

Avventura in città Trailer (1959)

01 January 1959

Ballerina e Buon Dio Trailer (1963)

13 November 1963

Il furto è l'anima del commercio!?... Trailer (1971)

09 July 1971

Traveling Companions Trailer (1978)

14 February 1978

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The Payoff Trailer (1978)

17 March 1978